The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack-Review and Giveaway

I don’t there has ever been a movie more widely beloved by both children and adults than The Lion King. It is, without a doubt, an iconic film and until recently it was one that my children had yet to see. But luckily for us, The Lion King is being released tomorrow, October 4, 2011 in a very special Diamond Edition on both 3D Blu-Ray Combo Pack and Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack. I was lucky enough to be given a chance to review The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack for myself and I was so excited to introduce this wonderful film to my boys. Here’s a brief synopsis:

disney the lion king diamond edition box art The wait is over! For the first time ever, experience the majesty of Disney’s epic animated masterpiece as it roars onto Blu-ray! With a spectacular picture, spine-tingling high definition sound and immersive bonus features – you will feel the love for this critically acclaimed and universally beloved classic like never before!

Embark on an extraordinary coming-of-age adventure as Simba, a lion cub who cannot wait to be king, searches for his destiny in the great “Circle of Life.” You will be thrilled by the breathtaking animation, unforgettable Academy Award-winning music and timeless story. The king of all animated films is destined for greatness on Blu-ray!

We sat down to watch this movie together one evening and I was actually on pins and needles to see it once again. Benjamin loved the “kitty kitties” in the movie and Zackary really liked the music and the antics of Timon, Pumbaa and the wise and wacky baboon Rafiki. While the plotline was too complex for two-year-old Benjamin, the beautiful animation kept him entranced for much of the movie. Zackary liked the plot but he got a little emotional during some of the scary or sad moments in the movie. He also had a hard time understanding the concept of Scar being incurably evil, which I found intriguing because he has no problem with the concept where humans are concerned!

I think my husband and I may have enjoyed the movie even more than our boys, and I loved that I had the chance to watch this incredibly story once more. I haven’t watched The Lion King since becoming a mother and I couldn’t believe how moving I found the story. More than once I found myself staring at the screen with tears streaming down my face!

The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack features tons of never-before-seen deleted scenes and bloopers that are sure to enthral and delight fans of the movie, as well as a deleted song, two backstage featurettes, a sing-along mode and much more! My favourite bonus features were the deleted scenes. It actually never really occurred to me that an animated film would have deleted scenes and it was so cool seeing the moments that didn’t quite make it into the film.

The Lion King Diamond Edition is a must for any fan and is a great way to let your children experience the movie that has become beloved by so many. The vibrant landscapes and incredible soundtrack of this film are even better on Blu-ray thanks to the HD video and stereo sound. Check out The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack for yourself and get ready to introduce your child to a story so magical that it remains a fast favourite over a decade and a half after its original release. This is unquestionably a Disney movie that every child should see!

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  1. I love the CIrcle of Life song

  2. Ann Fudge Cluck says:

    I like the scene when the little lion realizes he is King and he is on the rock above his tribe.

  3. jeremy schmidt says:

    the lion sleeps tonight is my fav

  4. Christine W says:

    I also love the song entitled “The Circle of Life.”

  5. I like the I Just Can’t Wait To Be King song

  6. Stephen N. says:

    The Circle of Life is my favorite song of The Lion King and my favorite song EVER. Also The Lion King is my #1 favorite film OF ALL TIME!

  7. stacey dempsey says:

    when they sing hakuna matata is great !
    staceyx at telus dot net

  8. debra affrunti says:

    Pinned you pinned you again . My all time favorite movie love this move loveeeeeeee

  9. says:

    I love the music, esp circle of life

  10. kara sceviour says:

    I like “the circle of life”. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  11. The Circle of Life is my favorite song. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  12. love the circle of life …:)

  13. when all the buffalo heard is running

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  14. forgetful mom says:

    As soon as I read the instructions “Hakuna Matata” popped into my head! I love that song.

  15. says:

    Circle of life has always been my favorite song.

    Thank you for the nice contest

    happyskunky at yahoo dot com

  16. I love the Lion King!!

  17. Amy Williams says:

    i ♥ when Rafiki fights the hyenas!

  18. Rachel B. says:

    Favorite song has always been “Hakuna Mattata” (I probably totally spelled that wrong) ;)
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  19. Jennifer Johncock says:

    My favorite scene is when they hold baby simba up and all the animals bow down to him. LOVE!

  20. Love hakuna matata

  21. amy hollingsworth says:

    Favorite song is Hakuna Matada….

  22. Can you Feel the Love tonight is my favorite song from the Lion King. Love it!

  23. Bernadette says:

    I love the end scene where Simba steps into his dads place on the rock.

  24. Peggy Humbracht says:

    Several I like, Hukuna Matata, The lion Sleeps tonight, and the Circle of life. An overall great movie with memorable songs and music.

  25. Circle of Life is my favorite song.

  26. I think Hakuna Matata is my favorite song ever!

  27. Monica Dolce says:

    love Circle of Life…but really is my fav disney movie, so love them all!

  28. Alex DCon says:

    Hakuna Matata

  29. My favorite song is I just can’t wait to be king.

  30. My favorite song is hakuna matata

  31. I love the song Hakuna Matata

  32. says:

    My favorite scene is when Timon and Pumba find Simba and take him under their wings :-)

  33. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    I love the song can you feel the love tonight

  34. Colleen Turner says:

    I definitely love the song Can You Feel The Love Tonight and it is a really sweet scene when it plays in the movie.

  35. says:

    I just love the music, is is so inspiring :)

  36. says:

    My favorite scene is when Baby Simba is being held up and all the animals bow down to him.

  37. Small Town Mommy says:

    Hakuna Matata!


  38. I love all the scenes with Timone & Pumba as they are so funny to watch

  39. The Circle of Life is my fav song from TLK.

  40. Hakuna Matata – no worry :)

  41. teressa oliver says:

    My fav song from Lion King is Hakuna Matata
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com

  42. My favourite song from the Lion King is Can You Feel The Love Tonight!

  43. Marryam B says:

    i really like the song circle of life
    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  44. i love- can you feel the love tonight- my kids love the music-we play it on the computer
    tcogbill at live dot com

  45. I truly love all the songs, but like circle of life the best, I think.

  46. i love the song i just can’t wait to be king, so cute!

  47. Florence C says:

    the Lion Sleeps Tonight. I love the song.

  48. Michelle Hayden says:

    I love all of the music in that movie, but Circle of Life is my all time fave. It gives me goosebumps :) Thanks for the great giveaway!
    lambeaugal at

  49. SweetPanda says:

    I love the song Hakuna Matata

  50. My favorite scene is after the battle when Simba walk on the cliff.
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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