Cooking Up Carne Asada Tacos with The Roundup App from Canadian Beef

As somebody that loves to cook, I have a passion for food and choosing a favourite meal is no easy task for me. But there are a few dishes that I especially love and one of those is a thick and juicy ribeye steak cooked on the barbeque. The rich taste of beef is one that almost everyone loves and when it’s prepared just right, it’s irresistible.

Because beef is such a popular food, it’s always fun to find new ways to use it in meals and recipes. And to help with that, Canadian Beef has created a fabulous new app called The Roundup, available for iOS and Android systems. While the app does feature some tasty recipes, that’s just the start of the useful information it has available!

canadian beef carne asada

From safe food handling to different preparation methods to the various cuts of beef, this app has so much useful information for any fan of Canadian Beef. I downloaded it for my iPhone and within minutes I was learning more about the best ways to store, cook and serve various beef cuts. [Read more...]

Keep in Touch When You Travel with Que Smartphones and Travel Plans from Roam Mobility-Giveaway

Staying connected when I travel is something that’s important to me not just because of my business, but because it lets me share special moments with loved ones at home and also communicate easily with the other people I’m with. When I took my boys to Mexico recently, I shared my experience using Roam Mobility for talk, text and data while there. Using my Roam Mobility Travel SIM Card, I was able to choose the plan that worked best for me and continue to make phone calls and post updates even while in Cancun.

kathryn lavallee clermont tiki bar grill

Two weeks ago I once again turned to Roam Mobility during my weeklong trip to Orlando, Florida. For less than $4 per day, I was able to stay in touch with unlimited talk, text and data while I was there. Being able to post Instagram updates and do a quick check of my email in my free time was great, but being able to easily get in touch with others was even better. After spending a fun-filled day at Walt Disney World, I was able to call and arrange our pickup right when we wanted it with no hassle. And since unlimited US and Canada long distance is included as part of the plan, I was also able to call and talk to my boys back home in Canada. [Read more...]

Let Pantene, COVERGIRL and Crest Glam Your Look for Valentine’s Day Date Night-Giveaway #PGMom

As a work-from-home mom, dressing up is not really a part of my daily routine. In fact, I fully admit that I am one of those parents that sometimes walks my boys to school wearing pyjama pants. (Okay, okay, I sometimes pick them up after school in pyjama pants too!) Getting dressed just to sit at home working all day has never made much sense to me. But since my workweek is so relaxed, I tend to go all out when I do get the chance to dress up.

kathryn lavallee hairstyle hair

And that means that when I leave the house for an elegant Valentine’s Day dinner, I’m going to be looking my absolute best. While I haven’t decided which dress and heels I’ll be wearing quite yet, I do know that I’ll be curling my hair and putting on my favourite date night makeup! And with help from Pantene, COVERGIRL and Crest Whitestrips, I’m sure my look will get a great reaction!

My hair is quite fine, but I have so much of it that it tends to be rather limp. I love curling it but because of its weight the curls often lose their bounce quickly. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with the Pantene Pro-V Full & Strong collection. The shampoo and conditioner strengthen my hair without weighing it down. And the Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster Spray is my secret weapon when styling my hair. I just spray the formula on my damp strands, use my Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret to add curls and then set the curls with a quick spritz of hairspray for a look that lasts all night. [Read more...]

Sending Valentine’s Day Greetings is Easy, Free and Fun with the OneDay App

I absolutely love sharing stories through video, but I also find it very time consuming. Editing the footage to show only the highlights, tying the clips together, adding music and then finally uploading the video to YouTube is a process that feels endless. In fact, I’ve often spent well over six hours shooting and editing a video that’s just a few minutes long when finished.

But even those tiresome editing sessions haven’t diminished my love of video storytelling, though they have made me crave an easier way to create great videos. That’s why I was thrilled to learn about the OneDay video creation app now available for iOS and Android systems. By simply choosing a theme and following a few prompts, anyone can now create fun stories to share with friends and family!

oneday app screenshots

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, I decided I wanted to test out the app by creating a love-themed video using one of the Valentine’s Day stories available. I decided to make a video featuring my boys’ ideas about love to share. After choosing the theme, I was ready to give my boys the provided prompts and create our story. [Read more...]

Nourish Your Hair with New Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner-Giveaway

I’ve loved coconut ever since I was a child. In fact, I used to sprinkle it on top of cereal in place of sugar in the mornings and often have a spoonful straight out of the package for a quick afternoon snack. But it wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned more about how beneficial coconut is for the body. Since I’ve discovered its many nutritional benefits, my house is never without a jar of coconut oil and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Now one of my very favourite personal care brands, Live Clean, has added the benefits of coconut to its newest hair care line too! Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner feature coconut milk, vitamins and milk protein that hydrate and strengthen hair without weighing it down.

live clean coconut milk hair care [Read more...]

Experience Affordable Connectivity with Smartphones and Tablets from Alcatel OneTouch-Giveaway

With my oldest soon turning nine, I’ve realized that it will likely soon be time to find him a cell phone of his own. For the moment he gets by without one just fine since we live in a small town. He can walk or bike anywhere he needs to go, he knows the house number if he needs to call me while he’s out and his circle of friends is small enough that the parents all have each other’s phone numbers anyways.

alcatel onetouch idol 2s

But soon Zackary will be reaching the point at which a smartphone becomes a device for social interaction as much as for phone calls. Texting is a huge communication form for his generation and not being able to join in means that he will potentially be left out of activities planned through text. And as if that wasn’t enough of a motivation, my boys and I are moving later in the year as well. Zackary doesn’t really need a phone in a town as small as ours, but our new home is going to be in a significantly bigger area.

The problem, of course, is that even though I know my kids having phones one day is inevitable, I’m not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one. As careful as my oldest son is with his electronics, I know how easy it is for accidents to happen and the idea of having to replace an expensive smartphone for my child just doesn’t sit well with me. That’s why I was so excited to learn that Alcatel OneTouch, one of the top ten phone manufacturers in the world, had recently come to Canada. [Read more...]

Protect Your Snow Goggles from Damage and Loss with the StingRay

When I was in my teens, snowboarding had just become one of the trendiest winter sports in Canada and I wasn’t about to be left out of the fun. I bought a second-hand board from a friend, outfitted it with a good pair of boots and bindings, and hit the slopes. But I soon learned that, as with any sport, the basic equipment is just the start. A good helmet is a must, especially for a beginner, and a high-quality pair of winter goggles is so helpful as well.

stingray sport goggle stopper

Since having kids, I haven’t been snowboarding for a few years, but I still have my equipment downstairs and my boys are almost old enough to join me on the hills. That means I’ll soon be investing in a fair amount of gear and obviously, I want to keep that gear in good shape! That’s why I found the concept of the StingRay from StingRay Sport so intruiging. [Read more...]

Downy Softness and Great Fashion Will Make You Want To #RipYourClothesOn This Winter-Giveaway #PGMom

Despite spending most of my time at home, I do have a bit of a passion for fashion and there’s nothing I love more than the chance to dress up. Whether I’m enjoying drinks and appetizers with a group of local ladies or a fun dinner out with a close friend, if I’m going out, I dress up! After all, as a work-from-home mom, it’s not something I get the chance to do too often otherwise.

suzy shier sweater dress

And like most women, there are a few outfits in my closet that always make me feel fabulous when I wear them. A personal favourite this winter is my new Suzy Shier sweater dress. The fabric is so soft to the touch and I love the body-hugging design that still keeps me warm on chilly days thanks to the thick material and long sleeves. What more could a winter fashionista ask for? [Read more...]