Duracell Helps #PowerSmiles on the Holidays-Giveaway #PGMom

No matter what toys are on my boys’ wish list when the holidays roll around, there’s one item that’s always on my wish list…Duracell batteries. At least one or two of the presents my boys receive are sure to need batteries and I can trust Duracell to provide power that lasts all through Christmas. From video game controllers to remote control cars, the most popular toys always seem to be the ones that need batteries!

duracell quantum batteries

This year, Duracell teamed up with Hasbro to let me test out one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, along with the Duracell Quantum batteries to power it. The Transformers: Age of Extinction Chomp & Stomp Grimlock is sure to be a favourite with any Transformers fans in the household and with two boys to shop for, this toy was a must on my list! [Read more...]

Get Ready for Holiday Party Season with Beauty and Grooming Essentials from P&G-Giveaway #PGMom

With Christmas just ten days away and holiday parties on the calendar, everyone’s getting ready to dress up and put his or her best face forward! And P&G has some great tips and products to help both men and women look and feel great this holiday season. Here’s the company’s favourite ways to get ready to impress over the holidays!

christmas party table

Men’s holiday spruce up!

Smell fresh! The new Old Spice Swagger line will be sure to have your man feeling fresh the entire night. Start with Old Spice Swagger Body Wash paired with Old Spice Antiperspirant to guarantee an irresistible scent from head to toe. Worried that great scent will fade throughout the night? Call on Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray in the event that a touch up is needed. [Read more...]

Protect Your Teeth During Holiday Indulging with Sensodyne ProNamel-Giveaway

With less than two weeks left until Christmas, the holiday party season has begun! From work get-togethers to kids’ concerts to holiday parties with family and friends, all the upcoming fun also usually includes a lot of food and I have to admit that, despite the risk of adding a few extra pounds, I can’t wait! But going overboard on holiday delicacies isn’t the only thing to be concerned about this season. Many of my favourite festive treats also contain ingredients that can lead to acid wear. And if there’s one time I want my teeth looking their best, it’s Christmas!

sensodyne pronamel

Beer, wine, apple cider and cranberries are all potential culprits when it comes to acid wear because of their high acidity levels. But there are ways of making sure my teeth are protected and ProNamel toothpaste has some tips to help ensure teeth stay strong during the holiday season:

  • Try reducing the amount of time that acids are in contact with the teeth.
  • Minimize swirling, swishing or holding acidic drinks in your mouth or use a straw.
  • Try not to brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking.
  • Make sure you brush your teeth with a soft bristled brush.

[Read more...]

Take Control of Your Temperature and Your Heating Bill with the Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat-Giveaway

A few years ago I invested in a programmable thermostat and I noticed a difference in our energy bill right away. But I must admit that I don’t use it quite as much as I should. I love that the heat automatically turns down at night to help save money, but I often forget to turn it down when I’m leaving the house for a few days and sometimes I turn it up on an especially chilly day and then forget to take off the hold on the temperature so that it can continue as normal. Realizing I’ve been wasting money for no reason like that always makes me a little annoyed.

Luckily, technology is evolving so quickly that there are solutions even for someone as forgetful as me, and the Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat from Emerson is the perfect example of that! This Wi-Fi Thermostat can be remotely controlled from a smartphone, tablet or PC for maximum flexibility. I recently received the Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat to review and I couldn’t wait to see how increased connectivity would increase the savings on my energy bill!

sensi wi-fi thermostat [Read more...]

Give the Gift of Classic Fun with Rubik’s Cubes and Pro Packs-Giveaway

For forty years, The Rubik’s Cube has been a top gift choice during the holiday season. The best-selling puzzle in history provides endless hours of entertaining fun for kids of all ages, even though it’s generally sure to inspire some frustration as well! And this year, in celebration of the cube’s 40th Anniversary, Rubik’s is making a good thing even better with a new design and even some fabulous new-to-Canada products!

The Rubik’s Original Cube looks just like the one you remember from your childhood, but it’s had some noticeable upgrades! First of all, a brand new mechanical design makes turning the cube smoother and faster. And there are no worries about faded tiles or peeling stickers with this cube. The all-plastic design ensures that the colours are always bright and stay in place!

rubik's cube prize pack [Read more...]

GLAD Odour Guard Bags Keep Homes Smelling Fresh

Mornings are always a little rushed with two kids to get ready for school each day, and when the holiday season arrives, the morning is even busier. In addition to packing lunches, making breakfast, quizzing my oldest on his spelling words and checking the boys’ agendas, there are holiday forms to fill out, craft materials to send to school and last-minute plans to make for various activities.

It goes without saying that the cleaner my house is each morning, the easier that busy routine feels. But living in a rural community, I don’t have the option of putting garbage out each night. Garbage is only picked up once a week and even the night before garbage day trash has to stay inside because stray animals tend to rip it apart if it’s put outdoors. And that means that some mornings, even when the house is tidy, the garbage doesn’t smell so fresh!

glad good morning kit [Read more...]

Make 2015 Your Year to #ReadMore with Best-Selling Books from Kobo-Giveaway

When it came to using an eReader, I was a tough sell. I loved the feeling of holding a book in my hands and voraciously turning the pages. But one Mother’s Day weekend I was thinking about how to spend some gift cards I’d collected, and I decided to purchase a Kobo Glo. Within days of it arriving, I was addicted to my eReader.

One of the reasons I love my Kobo Glo so much is the fact that I can have so many books stored on a device that’s the same size as a small paperback novel. That convenience has actually caused me to read more than I did before having the eReader. And so when the Kobo eStore recently released the top ten best-selling books of 2014, I couldn’t wait to see if I had read one or two of them already.

kobo glo divergent [Read more...]

Staying Healthy this Winter is Easier with Rexall and AIR MILES-Giveaway

Our small-town pharmacy is a Rexall store and I have to admit that before it joined the Rexall franchise, I hadn’t heard of the chain before. But it didn’t take me long to be won over by the great selection and low prices that Rexall offers. Now, Rexall is making a good thing even better thanks to a partnership with AIR MILES in Western Canada!

rexall pharmacy

That’s right, now every time you shop at your nearest Rexall store, you can earn AIR MILES reward miles on your purchases that can be redeemed for vacations, merchandise or even AIR MILES cash at participating retailers! That means not only do you get AIR MILES reward miles for every purchase you make, you can redeem those miles for products at Rexall stores as well! [Read more...]