After Bite and Natrapel Make Summer Fun Safer for the Whole Family-Giveaway

While all the seasons have their appeal, summer has always been my favourite. It just provides so many opportunities to be outside in the fresh air enjoying fun and exercise with my family! From long days at the beach to camping trips in beautiful Northern Saskatchewan, it’s definitely my preferred time to unplug, unwind and bond with my boys.

But summer can bring its own annoyances too, so it’s important to make sure that our fun doesn’t stop because of irritating pests or minor injuries. Luckily, Tender Corp is here to help with a variety of products designed to make sure that my kids are safe and our summer is full of enjoyment!

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Keep Your Skin Looking Better for Longer with the Le Mieux Skin Perfecter-Giveaway

Considering I’m in my mid-thirties, I’m pretty pleased with my looks so far. While I have a few more wrinkles than I did in my twenties, my skin is still quite smooth and has fairly even tone. But I know that I need to be proactive if I want to keep my skin looking great in the coming years, and that’s why I was so excited when I got the chance to review the Skin Perfecter by Le Mieux.

This device is a 4-in-1 multitasking hero that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and infuses using ultrasonic vibrations. It sounded similar to a home microdermabrasion device at first, but when it arrived I realized that it was something quite different. I charged up the sleek handheld unit and got ready to test it out!

I have to say that with any new skincare device, the potential sensation it might create during use is at the top of my mind. I couldn’t help but be a little hesitant as I first touched my skin with the metal end of the Skin Perfecter since I wasn’t sure how it was going to feel. There was just a slight vibration as the device moved over my face and I have to admit that it was hard to believe the Skin Perfecter was doing anything.

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Find Out if Your Child is a Royal or a Rebel with Ever After High-Giveaway

As a child, I was always a bit of a rebel. I was high energy and fearless with a love of adventure so I challenged myself in all kinds of ways. And while I didn’t realize it at the time, I was a rebel in another way too. I believed then and believe now that I control my destiny and determine my own future through my choices and actions.

royal or rebel

Ever After High know that there are both Royals and Rebels in the world: those that believe in destiny and those that believe they create their own future. Royals think it’s their duty to follow their destiny and dream of the day that they sign the Storybook of Legends and live their Happily Ever After. Rebels are ready to rewrite their story and live their own life. They think everyone should be able to choose their own Happily Ever After. [Read more...]

Encourage Summer Reading with a Kobo eReader and 5 Great Tips-Giveaway

Summer is definitely a time of fun, sun and plenty of outdoor activities. I tend to relax the rules a bit and give my boys more freedom during summer vacation, which means later bedtimes, a little more screen time and more treats than usual. But I still want to ensure that they’re working their minds during the summer months and I know reading books is a great way to do that. Luckily, Kobo has five great tips to help encourage kids to read more in the summer!

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1. Let Them Choose

Part of the fun for kids is being able to pick what they’re going to read. Get them excited about new stories by allowing them to explore different authors and genres. [Read more...]

Summer is Full of Adventures with Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix #StreamTeam

My boys have a fascination with heroes, which is part of the reason they both loved the How To Train Your Dragon movies. Hiccup’s transformation from a misfit to a hero always left Zackary and Benjamin excited, and of course dragons make the movie even more entertaining.

dragons race to the edge package

But now, my boys get to enjoy the adventures of Hiccup and his friends in a whole new way with the release of the Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge! After the arrival of a fun box featuring snacks and some merchandise from the show, all three of us were ready to check out the new series. And we weren’t disappointed! [Read more...]

Make Perfect Coffee Every Time with the Breville the Grind Control Coffee Machine-Giveaway

It’s no secret that I absolutely love coffee. In fact, I went from very much disliking the smell and taste of the popular beverage as a child to being an adult coffee connoisseur with a love of freshly ground, perfectly roasted beans brewed to perfection. And while I can get the results I crave at home, the process is time consuming and can sometimes make a mess.

That’s where the new Breville the Grind Control Coffee Machine comes in, and it is any true coffee lover’s dream come true! With a built-in grinder and a plethora of customizable settings, making the perfect cup of coffee has never been so easy! I recently received the machine to review and I had it out of the box and on the counter within minutes.

breville grind control coffee machine

I fully believe that better beans make better coffee, so I chose a fair trade, organic Kicking Horse blend for the machine. The grinder compartment on top of the machine holds a full pound of coffee beans without compressing the beans too much and I loved the convenience of not having to load a grinder every time I wanted to make coffee. The grinder let me choose how finely the coffee was ground as well, so I could get a smooth, dark espresso brew with no trouble at all. [Read more...]

Build and Race with Modarri Model Car Sets from Borgfeldt Canada-Giveaway

My oldest son has always had a love of cars. And while he doesn’t quite invent as many fanciful racing stories as he once did, he still will often spend hours driving his favourite cars around the house. In fact, one of the few things that Zackary loves even more than cars is building sets. And that’s why I knew he would appreciate the Modarri model building sets offered by Borgfeldt Canada as soon as I saw them.

modarri cars

These sets come in a variety of fun colours and styles sure to please any future racer. We received the Modarri 3-Pack to review and my boys couldn’t wait to sit down and start building. While the sets are recommended for ages eight and up, I knew my nine-year-old would be happy to help his little brother build a car too, which made it a great activity for the two of them to do together. [Read more...]

Challenge Yourself to Choose More Stars with #PCStars #GuidingStarsCA

Last month I had my first introduction of the PC Guiding Stars program and I absolutely loved how easy the system was to use. Simply look for foods with one, two or three stars to ensure you’re making healthy choices for your family. The more stars a food has, the more nutritionally dense it is. Since learning about the Guiding Stars, I wanted to go further and improve my eating habits with help from the program. So I signed into my free PC Plus account and opened my Guiding Stars profile to see what improvements I could make.

As it turned out, I was already at the highest possible level, a Level 5! We tend to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in the house along with lots of lean protein, so it was exciting to see that those habits were ones that the Guiding Stars program recognized as healthful. But I knew we could do even better, so I set out to substitute some of our usual weekly purchases for products with higher stars.

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