Keep Your Home and Family Safe with NETGEAR Arlo Wire-Free Video Monitoring

mommy kat and kids RP

When my youngest was a toddler, I started using a video baby monitor and I couldn’t believe how much easier it made my life. The monitor synced to my smartphone so that I could check in on my sleeping youngster anytime. And it also provided me with a convenient way of keeping an eye on him when he was awake!

netgear arlo smart home security system

Now, one of my very favourite tech companies, NETGEAR, is taking the concept of video monitoring to new places with the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera, a completely wireless and portable video monitoring system perfect for everything from securing property to supervising children. Recently I received the NETGEAR Arlo VMS3230 System to test out and I couldn’t wait to get it hooked up.
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Get Fun Delivered to Your Door with Nerd Block Jr.-Giveaway

From the hottest new video games to the coolest construction toys, my boys love everything fun and trendy. And while keeping up with the newest fads is too much for me, I recently discovered an easy way to surprise my boys with the latest toys and games. Nerd Block Jr. subscription boxes contain an assortment of fun toys for boys or girls, delivered right to our door every month!

nerd block jr. march

I received the March Nerd Block Jr. box recently and as soon as I opened it, I saw a few toys that my boys would especially love. Anything that’s sticky or gooey is always popular and this box contained not one but two different gooey toys sure to provide hours of fun. The Mega Bloks SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water micro action figure is something I knew had to go to my youngest son Benjamin, a huge SpongeBob fan. And my joke-loving oldest son Zackary is going to have a blast with the fake ice cubes and whoopee cushion in the April Fool’s Kit! [Read more...]

Winners-March 15

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the March 15 giveaways!

  • Roam Mobility Que Smartphone and Travel Bundle-$180 Value – 1853 – Susan S.
  • TurboTax Canada Online Tax Filing Program-Winner 1 – 142 – Josie F.
  • TurboTax Canada Online Tax Filing Program-Winner 2 – 338 – Leanne M.
  • TurboTax Canada Online Tax Filing Program-Winner 3 – 79 – Michelle K.

Winners, you have 72 hours to respond to the email I sent or I will draw another winner. Thanks so much to everyone that entered!

Encourage Kids to #BeSuper By Joining the Barbie Super Squad-Giveaway

Every child dreams of being a superhero at some point, but I’ve always thought one of the best lessons we can teach our little ones is that it doesn’t take superpowers to be a hero. Everyday kids can do extraordinary things too! That’s a concept that Barbie is embracing with this month’s launch of the Barbie in Princess Power DVD and merchandise. Barbie recently recruited four Super Squad Leaders from across Canada to share their stories and ideas to help remind little girls that everyone has the ability to #BeSuper!

barbie besuper graphic


Kindness is a quality all parents want to instil in their children. To help encourage your little ones to find more ways to be kind, lead by example. After all, other superheroes will come and go, but you will always have the greatest superpowers in their eyes. Super Squad Leader Noemie from Ottawa, Ontario, has set a great example of kindness with her own charity fashion show called ‘Happy Hearts.’ She created a silent auction and fashion show raising almost $15,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. [Read more...]

Keep Pets Happy During March Break with Products from PetSafe Canada-Giveaway

I absolutely love my pet cat, Racer. I hadn’t wanted a pet at first but she adopted me as soon as she walked into the house and quickly won me over with her quirky personality. But my family also loves to travel and that can be a challenge for a pet owner. Some families prefer to take their pets with them when travelling. Others find leaving the pet at home to be more manageable. But if you’re travelling this March Break, PetSafe Canada has products to help make your life easier, whether you’re bringing your furry companion with you or making her comfortable in the house during your absence.

eatwell pet feeder

Personally, I find it easiest to leave my cat at home when I travel with the boys. And recently PetSafe Canada sent me some products to help ensure that even when Racer is alone, she has all the food, water and entertainment she needs. I received the Eatwell 5 Meal Pet Feeder, the Drinkwell Zen Fountain and the FroliCat Dart Duo to review and I couldn’t wait to see what my finicky feline thought of them! [Read more...]

Help Kids Stay Fit with the T-Fal ActiFry and Healthy Cooking for Healthy Kids Program

Teaching kids about healthy eating is important, but it can also be challenging! As much as my boys enjoy raw vegetables and fresh fruit, they also like fries, burgers and sweet desserts. Finding a balance between the healthy food and the junk is a constant job in this house! T-Fal Canada understands that teaching kids about proper nutrition can be a challenge, and that’s why the company is relaunching last year’s Healthy Cooking for Healthy Kids program. Packed with handy resources for eating well and staying active, it’s a great way to get kids excited about healthy living.

kids healthy living sheet

One of my favourite aspects of this program is the fact that it encourages physical activity as well as good eating. I was shocked to learn that only 7% of Canada’s youth meet the guideline of 60 minutes of physical activity per day. By keeping track of activities and offering fun rewards, the website provides fun solutions to get kids excited to move! [Read more...]

GEOFLUX and GameTime Sports Sets Provide Active Spring Fun for Kids-Giveaway

There’s no better way to welcome spring than with a fun new toy for the kids and recently GEOSPACE gave me the chance to check out two of its top new toys that are guaranteed to provide hours of fun. The GEOFLUX is a unique strip of twisted metal that transforms from a simple circle to a complex structure in seconds. And the GameTime sports sets provide kids with a fun way of playing their favourite sports anytime and anywhere.

geospace geoflux and gametime toys

I received the GEOFLUX device and the GameTime Ping Pong set to review and I couldn’t wait to see what my boys thought of the toys. I couldn’t resist trying the GEOFLUX myself first though, and I was blown away by how much fun it was. The unique shape of the device lets it spiral up and down any straight object, from the handle of a broom to my own arm. Watching it twirl and moving it from one arm to the other was incredibly entertaining. And when I was done with the GEOFLUX, it folded flat in seconds and popped right back into its compact pouch. [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Mini Wheats Wants You to #TryItHot for Breakfast-Giveaway

Ever since I was a child, Kellogg’s Mini Wheats has been one of my very favourite breakfast cereals. The crunchy whole wheat squares with a touch of frosting made for a breakfast that was filling as well as fun! Back in my youth, I was only able to choose between Original and Brown Sugar Mini Wheats, but today there are so many delicious flavours available. Maple, Strawberry, Cinnamon and other mouth-watering varieties ensure that there’s a favourite Mini Wheats cereal for everyone!

apple cinnamon mini wheats

But to really shake up your Mini Wheats, Kellogg’s is challenging Canadians to #TryItHot! I have to admit that when it comes to Mini Wheats, I really enjoy that cold, refreshing crunch. But I was willing to take the challenge and see if Mini Wheats served with warm milk and toppings of my choice could win me over! [Read more...]