Fashion is Eco-Friendly with the Stylish Bags and Purses from Canopy Verde-Giveaway

Eco-friendly is a word that I think about a lot when it comes to things like food or cleaning products, but I must admit it’s not a word I’ve thought about much when it comes to fashion accessories. So when I heard about Canopy Verde, an innovative company specializing in eco-friendly and vegan bags, purses and clutches, I was intrigued.

oleander hobo purse canopy verde

What appealed to me most as I browsed the site is that these bags are so incredibly fashionable as well as being earth-conscious. Made with organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and vegan leather, these bags are proof that caring for the environment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style! I recently had the chance to review the Oleander Hobo bag and as soon as it arrived, I fell in love. [Read more...]

Revolutionize the Way You Clean with the Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum-Giveaway

Living in a house that doesn’t have much carpet, but that has three different levels to clean, vacuuming is a chore that I don’t enjoy very much. Lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs, plugging it in, unplugging it, moving it again…by the time I’ve finished vacuuming the small amount of carpet my house has, I don’t want to do anything else for the rest of the day!

hoover air cordless vacuum

But Hoover is here to make my life easier with the brand new Hoover Air Cordless Upright Vacuum. This new full-sized vacuum is cordless and lightweight, so moving it around the house is as quick and simple as can be. In fact, it weighs less than ten pounds! And with no cords to plug and unplug, vacuuming different rooms on different levels couldn’t be easier. [Read more...]

Find the Perfect Gift for Kids of All Ages on the Mattel Holiday Toys Website

If there’s one company that immediately springs to mind when it comes to holiday shopping for kids, it’s Mattel. Boys, girls, toddlers and tweens can all find a favourite toy among Mattel’s incredible collection. In fact, my oldest son once went through a Hot Wheels phase that lasted for years and even had me hunting down exclusive vintage Hot Wheels cars for him. And my youngest has been a fan of the cheeky and cheerful Thomas & Friends series since he was a toddler.

This year, to help make your Christmas shopping easier, Mattel has put together the website full of all the year’s hottest gifts for kids aged 1-12. Featuring products from Barbie, Hot Wheels, Monster High, Fisher-Price and many more, finding the perfect gift for your child has never been easier!

mattel barbie holiday toys

Mattel has also identified the Top 10 Toys of the holiday season and to let me see what made them such a great choice, I was given the chance to choose four of them to check out. I decided on the 2014 Holiday Barbie Doll, the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Avalanche Escape Set, the Barbie Glam Camper and the Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race. [Read more...]

Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests with Tips from P&G-Giveaway #PGMom

It’s almost time for holiday celebrations and that means for many families, holiday visiting! I love having my family come to visit but it does mean that the house needs some extra preparation. But this year, P&G Canada is here to help with some helpful tips and ideas for making any home feel hotel-luxurious for guests!

organized kitchen

The Bedroom

Sprinkle Downy Unstopables into your laundry to ensure sheets smell fresh and clean for their entire stay – adding a touch of luxury to their sleep! To be sure your guests feel relaxed place a Febreze Sugared Cranberry Candle on their bedside table – the aroma is certain to put them at ease! [Read more...]

Cut the Cord and Enjoy Your Music with Jabra Step Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds-Giveaway

One of the most frustrating things about headphones and earbuds is that the connector often breaks before the headphones themselves do. In fact, on a recent plane trip I had to hold the connector of my favourite pair of earbuds into the outlet through my entire flight because it wasn’t registering otherwise.

That’s why when I love using wireless earbuds for my phone. And for inexpensive yet high-quality earbuds, Jabra is a great choice. The company specializes in providing affordable headsets and earbuds with plenty of great features and recently the company sent me its new Jabra Step Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds so that I could check them out for myself.

jabra step wireless earbuds [Read more...]

Eat Better This Winter with Fall Picks from The Healthy Shopper-Giveaway

I’ve always felt that one of the best ways to live a healthier lifestyle is to make simple, sensible food choices rather than obsessing about the exact amount of calories and fat in certain foods. Natural, organic food is always a good choice for fuelling the body and that’s why I love discovering the newest healthy choices available thanks to The Healthy Shopper!

The Healthy Shopper is Canada’s only coupon book especially dedicated to natural and organic products. And this fall, the company has some great new top picks for anyone that wants to eat a little healthier during these cold winter months.

made good granola bites

My personal favourite product was the new Olympic Dairy Chia Yoghurt. I often add Chia seeds to my yoghurt because the crunchy little seeds boost the protein and fibre in my meals. Now Olympic Dairy has made enjoying Chia seeds even easier for me! I also loved the Made Good granola bars and granola minis. These organic bars are nut-free and contain whole grains with six essential vitamins. But the best part is that they’re absolutely delicious! [Read more...]

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Toys Grow Along with Your Child-Giveaway

Shopping for gifts for infants can be tricky because they grown and change so fast. When I pick out a toy, I want it to be fun for a little one right away, but I also want it to be useful for more than just a few months. Fisher-Price has always done a great job of putting lasting appeal into its toys and now with the new Smart Stages series, the company has gone a step further with toys designed to grow with your child!

I recently received the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum so that I could see for myself what these toys were like. Suitable for children from 12-36 months, there is plenty to keep kids entertained with this toy. I loved that it featured over thirty different songs, tunes and phrases so that there would be plenty of variety to help keep little ones interested.

fisher-price smart stages [Read more...]

Painting Jobs are Easier with the Roll & Stow System-Giveaway

If there’s one thing I’ve gained a lot of experience with in the last few years, it’s home renovations. And painting always seems to be a big part of that. Since buying the house in which I was raised, almost every room has been renovated and painted. The kitchen, bathroom, living room and both boys’ bedrooms are now clean and modern with fresh paint and new flooring.

Having done so much work on the house, I know how messy and frustrating painting can be. In fact, I painted the entire living room by myself and it was a job that took days to complete. The results were fantastic, but there was a lot of mess to clean up afterwards. I couldn’t help but think there had to be a better way and luckily for me, now there is: the Roll & Stow!

roll & stow [Read more...]