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My bouncing seven-month-old baby boy’s current claim to fame is his two incredibly prominent front teeth. As soon as he decides to flash his irresistible buck-toothed grin, complete strangers find themselves compelled to stop and say, “Awwwww!” But rising to such esteemed status certainly didn’t come easy, because Benjamin had a horrible time when he was teething. He chewed on anything and everything he could get his hands on, from stray pieces of paper to his older brother’s toy cars. For weeks, the main focus of my life was taking away the plethora of inappropriate items that my baby had decided to put in his mouth.

To top it all off, the teething rings that we did have for Benjamin were the standard water-filled plastic teething rings that mothers have been buying since plastic first became a household staple. Aside from the recent concerns about BPA and toxins in plastic, I have never been a fan using it for teething rings. It is hard to clean, unnatural and almost impossible to sterilize once it becomes scratched. Why would I want something like that in my baby’s mouth?

RiNGLEY original stylesThe RiNGLEY natural teething toy looked like the perfect solution. The innovative teether comprised of untreated maple wood and organic cotton terrycloth was the brainchild of momtrepreneur Shaindy Alexander. When her search for a safe and effective natural teething ring for her own children yielded no results, she designed her own by combining two time-tested teething aids to create one fabulous natural product. I couldn’t wait to see whether or not Benjamin could find some relief with the RiNGLEY.

The RiNGLEY I received was made in the new junior style. I loved the adorable shape of the teething ring! A small loop of cloth attaches the ring to a doubled-over diamond of terrycloth with knots at each end. The finished shape is suggestive of a person with outstretched arms. I handed the RiNGLEY to Benjamin to see what he would do.

The smooth and naturally antibacterial wooden ring is sized perfectly for a baby’s hand. Benjamin immediately grabbed the ring and began energetically waving it around. It took him a few minutes to decide to put it in his mouth, but once he did he looked intrigued. He chewed on the wooden ring for a few minutes and then dropped the RiNGLEY on the floor. “Not bad, for the first time!” I thought to myself.

The next time Benjamin started to fuss and put toys in his mouth, I handed him the RiNGLEY. This time, he grabbed one of the knots in the organic terrycloth and stuffed it in his mouth. He immediately calmed down and contentedly sucked on his RiNGLEY for the next thirty minutes!

I’ve noticed that Benjamin turns to the wooden ring when his teeth are just about to cut through, but the rest of the time he definitely favors the terrycloth. The genius of the RiNGLEY is the combination of textures that allows babies to find the best surface for their own teething needs.

RiNGLEY juniorSince Benjamin has been enjoying his RiNGLEY so much, I was thrilled to see that the cloth strap that held the wooden ring to the terrycloth was attached with a Velcro tab so that the terrycloth could be removed and machine-washed without damaging the wooden ring. After a few weeks of heavy use, the cloth definitely benefits from a good wash!

The Canadian-made RiNGLEY is available in four different styles to provide the best fit for every child’s unique personality. All of the teething rings are made of completely natural products, are free from harmful dyes and chemicals and can be used wet or dry to provide additional tactile experiences for babies.

Personally, I don’t know how I ever got by without the RiNGLEY. I am so glad that I can finally get rid of the horrible plastic teething rings that have plagued my household for so long. And I love knowing that when I give Benjamin his RiNGLEY, the only thing he is getting from it is relief from the pain of teething. I have consistently found that the most natural products are the most effective as well, and the RiNGLEY is a perfect example of that. If your baby is suffering from teething woes, you should definitely check out this great natural product for yourself!

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