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I love to travel. In my single days, I toured the world from Africa to Cuba and reveled in every minute of the experience. When I got married and gave birth to Zackary my destinations became much closer, but my husband and I still traveled as much as we possibly could. We went on camping trips in and around Saskatchewan and made many journeys to visit extended family in other provinces. Last year we added another darling boy to our family, but even with the huge amount of work that traveling with children entails, we are often to be found exploring other places.

Because travel is such a high priority in our lives, I want it to be as pleasant as possible for every member of the family. When we walk out the door, I make sure that my bag is full to bursting with games, toys, snacks, music and any number of other convenient items to make our journey a pleasure instead of a chore. So I am always excited when I find a great new essential for my bag.

slumping childRecently, I learned about an amazing new must-have product for sleepy children on a trip. The patent pending Melrose Kids Head Snuggler was developed by momtrepreneur Melanie Risdon-Betcher to help her children sleep comfortably while traveling. This innovative product is designed to provide proper support for a sleeping kid’s head and eliminate the dreaded “slumping child.” I was ecstatic when I was given the chance to test out the Head Snuggler for myself.

When the Head Snuggler arrived, I pulled it out and examined it carefully. The Head Snuggler is a rectangular pocket made of a slightly stretchy cotton-blend fabric. The fabric was very thin with a mesh-type texture to ensure that if it accidently slid over a child’s face it would not restrict breathing in any way. I was happy to see that it had holes at the top of either end so that it could be slipped on over the handles of an umbrella stroller. I also liked the fact that it had a long strip of Velcro along one edge so that it would be easy to remove. I slipped the Head Snuggler onto Benjamin’s umbrella stroller and checked the fit. I found that the fabric was far too loose, so I followed the enclosed instructions and gathered the excess material at the back of the stroller. After securing it in place with a rubber band, I was ready to head outside.

Benjamin’s main issue with both the stroller and his carseat is that he tends to slouch forward when he sleeps. I hate seeing him curled forward like that, and I also worry about his breathing when his head is hanging so much. When he fell asleep and began to fall forward, I carefully pulled the Head Snuggler over his forehead. He stirred slightly but he didn’t wake up, and his head stayed properly positioned for the entire time that he slept!

I was impressed with how well the Head Snuggler had worked for Benjamin, but I really wanted to see how Zackary reacted to it. As luck would have it, we were scheduled to make the four-hour trip to my mother’s house for my younger sister’s graduation. Benjamin has been going through a phase of extreme dislike for his carseat, so we decided that after the festivities we would drive home in the night to make the trip easier on the children. I put the Head Snuggler into place on Zackary’s booster seat that evening. It fit well around the top of the seat and had no extra fabric that needed to be secured, but I noticed that it seemed to come down too far on the seat. I followed the advice I had seen on the website and rolled the extra cloth up to obtain the correct length.

When we started our drive, I positioned the Head Snuggler around the top of Zackary’s head. He immediately fussed for a bit before turning his head to the side and settling down. Unlike Benjamin, who preferred having his head facing forward while he slept, Zackary definitely favored having his head turned to the side. But unlike the last time that he had slept in the car, his head remained upright and stable for the entire trip.

head snugglerHe woke up at one point and struggled against the restriction of the Head Snuggler, but when I took it off and let him lean against me, his head started to flop to the side as soon as he fell asleep again. I replaced the Head Snuggler and he slept for the remainder of the trip with his head secured in a safe and comfortable position.

Melrose Kids is currently holding a fantastic photo contest with a grand prize worth over $250! Just take a picture of your own “slumper” and enter it to win an amazing travel package that includes a $100 gas card, two Head Snugglers, travel games and much, much more. The contest ends August 3, so pop a camera in your purse so that you’re always ready to snap that perfect shot!

There are a few products that are so crucial to our comfort when traveling that I leave them in the car permanently rather than worrying about packing them in a bag. The Head Snuggler is one of the chosen few items that is left at the ready for every trip. I love the fact that my children are more comfortable when they sleep in the car, and I am so happy to know that the Head Snuggler is helping to keep their necks properly aligned and their airways unobstructed. If you have children and love to travel, you need to try a Head Snuggler for yourself today!

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