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Something I really found amazing after my second son was born was how he was so similar to his older brother in some ways and so different in others.

As far as looks go, the two are complete opposites. My oldest son has a dark complexion and looks just like I do. My new baby is incredibly pale and is the mirror image of his father. As far as their personalities are concerned, as babies both were incredibly mobile and curious. Both were very vocal as well, and loved to jabber a variety of sounds before they could talk.

But Benjamin is definitely more expressive than his older brother. He loves to cuddle more than my independent oldest child ever did, and his amazing range of facial expressions has had our entire family laughing since the day he was born.

not pooping baby onesieI love celebrating the individuality of my sweet baby, and in my opinion there is no better way to do that than with a uniquely adorable outfit.

That’s why I was overjoyed when I was given the chance to test one of the adorable onesies from TeeWit.com. This fun-loving company carries a great line of onesies, t-shirts and gift items with hilarious sayings guaranteed to make adults grin.

The most difficult thing about shopping at TeeWit.com is definitely choosing a onesie! I wanted to pick a saying that perfectly described my new little boy. I was tempted by many of them, like “I’m a lot cuter when I’m asleep” and “My parents went to the hospital and all I got was born.”

But eventually I decided that I had to choose something that celebrated Benjamin’s many hilarious facial expressions, and chose, “I’m not pooping, I’m just thinking real hard.”

Sayings are available on onesies, t-shirts, bibs and other merchandise in a variety of colors. I chose a baby blue onesie in the 12-month size for review.

The onesie arrived within a few weeks and I couldn’t wait to try it on my baby. The 12 month size was just perfect for my eight-month-old boy, and I have no doubt that it will easily last him to his first birthday.

This soft and comfortable onesie is made of 100% cotton and the blue color looks so great on Benjamin. The dark blue text blends into the baby blue color a little bit; I think because of the text color I would have been better off choosing white for this particular onesie.

But the advantage of having the printing more understated is that when family and friends see Benjamin, their curiosity is peaked by the writing on his shirt, and they can’t help but try to get close enough to be able to read it!

Of course, most of the time Benjamin isn’t actually pooping, but his expressions are always so dramatic and over-the-top that the saying suits him perfectly anyways.

And there are always those ideal times when I put Benjamin into the TeeWit.com onesie and find my son shortly thereafter making the wondrous array of faces that I know means he actually is pooping, and not just thinking hard. When I look at his onesie at those times, I can’t help but burst out laughing.

cuter when asleep t-shirtTeeWit.com also carries a great range of gift items that includes coffee mugs, tote bags and adult shirts. Their enormous line of fun and fresh sayings ensures that every parent will be able to find the perfect phrase to personify their own little one while leaving family and friends grinning.

The TeeWit.com onesie is one of my favorite outfits for Benjamin, and it has stood up to repeated washing and drying very well. The color is still bright and the saying is still visible. Under close examination, the onesie does show a very small amount of pilling after the many wash cycles it has gone through, but it doesn’t interfere with the visibility of the printing at all.

Because Benjamin currently slides on his belly to get from one place to another, I have even had to scrub the front of the TeeWit.com onesie with laundry soap to get rid of the dirt that inevitably accumulates as a result of that mode of transportation. I was joyously relieved to see that the scrubbing didn’t affect the printing on the onesie at all.

Even the youngest babies express very distinctive and original personalities. The adorable onesies available from TeeWit.com are a great way to let youngsters that haven’t yet found their voices stand out from the crowd and be individuals. To find the perfect phrase for your own mischievous monkey, check out TeeWit.com for yourself!

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