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Well, the plans are being made to move Mommy Kat and Kids from Blogger to WordPress some time this week. I’ll be setting up hosting tomorrow and as soon as the hosting account is active, I’ll be transferring the blog. There will be a very small amount of downtime because in order to keep my web address the same I’ll have to move Mommy Kat and Kids to the blogspot address before I make the transfer. (so technically, the site will still be accessible, it will just be at http://mommykatandkids.blogspot.com)

As soon as the transfer is complete, the posts should be available for entering giveaways and leaving comments. I’ll put up the widgets and make everything look pretty as quickly as possible, and with luck the site should be pretty much functional within a few hours of the switch.

I’ve read countless tutorials on this process and I think I am as prepared as I can possibly be. If setting up hosting takes too long, I’ll bump the move to the first week of January so that the December 31st giveaways will be easy to access, but with luck the move should be complete with the links all working accurately well before then.

When the hosting is set up, I’ll put up a post letting readers know exactly when the migration will take place. Thanks so much for supporting Mommy Kat and Kids through this very exciting, but very nerve-wracking move!

3 thoughts on “WordPress Move Update”

  1. @ Jen M

    Thanks! Yes, I've found a few that have broken the process down for me fairly nicely. I'll email you the links, but I'll also post them online after I've made them move, since I'll be able to attest to their effectiveness then! :)

    @ Mom vs. the boys

    Thanks! Hopefully I'll have some good non-complicated tips to impart soon!

  2. good luck! I would love to make the switch because entering giveaways is so easy with wordpress blogs, but I'm not techy at all and not sure i could figure it out.

  3. Oh my, everyone's moving to Word Press. I've been debating over the move for the last couple weeks as well! I am so comfy on Blogger, but I know why Word Press is a better choice. Are you doing the move all by yourself? If so, do you have any favorite tutorials that you came across? I'm thinking of a January move as well. Anyway, good luck and I hope your move goes smoothly!
    Jen @ My Secret Home

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