Chiquita Bananas Chiquita Mom Kit Review

I really try hard to make sure that my family gets plenty of delicious, nutritious food every day. My husband has an incredible sweet tooth and he often shares his less-than-healthy snacks with our two sons. I don’t mind an occasional treat, but I know that unless I keep a close eye on the food consumption in our household, there will be far too much junk food being consumed.

chiquita mom logoFortunately, there are quite a few healthy treats that my boys both love. And like most kids, one of their favorite snacks is a banana. So when Chiquita asked me to take part in their Chiquita Mom program, I was happy to oblige.

I received a Chiquita Mom kit full of fun Chiquita products for participating. The kit contained recipe cards, banana freezer bags, a beautiful and sturdy reusable shopping tote and even an infant Chiquita cup and bowl for my baby! Of course, no Chiquita kit would be complete without a coupon for some tasty Chiquita bananas! I noticed that the coupon was only valid in the United States but since my family loves bananas so much, I didn’t mind getting my own Chiquita bananas to snack on.

I really loved the freezer bags that came in the kit. Each one had a place to write the date and instructions for freezing bananas. I never thought about it before, but in the past I always mashed bananas prior to freezing them. When I read the freezer bag, it recommended breaking the banana into pieces so that you can remove just the amount you need. It’s so simple, yet so sensible and I can’t believe I didn’t ever think of it myself.

The recipe cards included tasty-sounding treats ranging from snacks to side dishes to desserts. I made the Chocolate Chiquita Banana Pops for my children, and they both adored the frozen, chocolate-dipped banana treat. I have made these in the past and usually dip the pops into chopped peanuts, but the instructions recommended considering rice krispies as an alternative. I loved the extra crunch that the cereal added to the treats.

I liked that so many of the recipes were suitable for children to prepare themselves, or with a bit of help from an adult. The innovative Chiquita Banana No Bake Cookies were definitely my favorite recipe. The combination of oats, nuts, peanut butter and banana is guaranteed to please children and adults alike!

chiquita banana no bake cookiesThe Chiquita Mom kit also contained an information book full of fun facts about Chiquita bananas. I learned that under-ripe bananas provide healthier carbohydrates that contribute to long-lasting energy throughout the day, while over-ripe bananas have the highest antioxidant levels. I also learned how to properly store and ripen Chiquita bananas (most people have heard of the paper bag trick, but did you know that an apple in the bag speeds ripening even more?) and about the many nutrients Chiquita bananas contain.

Benjamin, like so many babies, ate mashed banana as one of his very first solid foods. He absolutely loved the fruit and to this day when anyone tries to eat a banana he will yell and tug at them until they break off a piece for him. I’m so glad that he likes them, since I know that the Chiquita bananas I give him are natural, easy to digest and packed full of important nutrients. Chiquita bananas are filling, energizing, versatile and a great kid-friendly snack. Why not pick up a bunch today and enjoy one of nature’s superfoods with your family?

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