Boba Classic Baby Carrier-Review and Giveaway

Now that Benjamin is getting older, I find that wearing him in front isn’t nearly as comfortable as it once was. His higher energy level means that he likes to have a little bit more room to wave his arms and legs, and when he’s in front of me that usually means that I suffer a bit of pain as a result of his flailing. Also, my wrap carrier tends to start to sag under Benjamin’s weight after about an hour or so. At the moment, that’s not a big concern. But when spring arrives and we start heading out on long hikes, I want a carrier that will keep working great for hours without readjusting.

boba carrier in glacierThe sensational Boba Baby Carrier had every feature I was looking for and more. The carrier is designed for infants over 15 lbs, can hold up to 45 lbs. and can be used as either a front or a rear carrier. I was thrilled when I was given a chance to review it for myself.

I received the Boba Carrier in Glacier to review. I loved the combination of dark brown and light grey that the carrier featured; it was stylish and still completely unisex. Initially, as someone that is used to a wrap carrier, I found myself a little intimidated by the straps and buckles, so I sat down to read through the instruction booklet before I tried to use the carrier.

After reading the instructions, I was amazed at just how simple the Boba Carrier was! The design is comprised of two buckles and two sets of adjustable straps that are used to create the perfect easy-to-use carrying system. Since I was using the Boba Carrier for the first time and since I was more accustomed to front carrying, I decided to test out the carrier in the front initially.

The first step was buckling the comfortable padded waist strap around my waist and pulling the ends of the straps until the carrier was held snugly at the bottom. Then, I put the shoulder straps over my shoulders and tightened them up a bit until they seemed to be a good length. Both adjustments were ones that I really only had to do the first time I wore the carrier.

Then, I slid one of the straps off my shoulder, picked up Benjamin and put his leg through the carrier over the waist strap and under the shoulder strap. I then simply put on the other shoulder strap, clipped the back buckle that helped to keep the Boba Carrier secure, and pulled on the ends of the back buckle’s straps until the carrier was snug! With two quick snaps and the shoulder straps, my son was comfortable and secure against me. Best of all, the thick shoulder straps and slightly rigid high-density foam section around my waist meant that even after an hour, there was no sagging!

The Boba Baby Carrier was as easy to use as a wrap carrier for front carrying, but what I really wanted to test was its effectiveness as a back carrier. We spend a lot of time outdoors when the warm weather arrives, but both Zackary and Benjamin get pretty tired on long outings. Having a comfortable and convenient way to carry Benjamin on my back was exactly what I needed.

boba carrier in tweetPutting the carrier on for rear carrying is essentially the same as putting it on for front carrying, though of course, the carrier goes in the back. I clipped up the waist buckle and slipped the shoulder straps on just like I was putting on a backpack. As the directions suggested, I then slid one shoulder strap off and picked up Benjamin to put him into the carrier.

I found the next step to be a little tricky. I managed to transfer Benjamin’s weight to my back while sliding his foot through the carrier above the waist strap, but I felt very unstable as I did so. I did get him successfully secured in the carrier on my back, but it wasn’t a smooth and easy method for me initially.

Fortunately, Benjamin is old enough that I quickly realized I could use another method for putting him in the rear carrier. Instead of putting on one of the shoulder straps and trying to put Benjamin into the carrier while I’m standing up, I leave both shoulder straps off and sit down with the carrier spread out behind me and Benjamin in my arms. Then, I just put him on my back as if I’m going to give him a piggyback ride and encourage him to hang on to me. All that’s left to do after that is pull up the carrier around him, put on the shoulder straps and fasten the front buckle!

I found that wearing the Boba Baby Carrier on the back was incredibly comfortable, and I was very impressed with how long I was able to carry Benjamin without feeling any excessive strain on my shoulders. The wide straps and the buckles really helped to ensure that Benjamin’s weight was well distributed on my back.

Zackary watched the fun with interest, and when I took Benjamin out of the carrier he asked if he could have a ride in it as well. At 36 lbs, he is well below the maximum weight for the carrier, so I decided to put my big four-year-old boy in the Boba to see how it held up. Zackary had a blast being carried around in the Boba Carrier, and I was so much more comfortable than I would have been just giving him a piggyback ride. When we have long adventures this summer, Benjamin definitely won’t be the only one that makes use of the Boba Carrier!

Aside from being incredibly comfortable and versatile, the Boba Baby Carrier also contains a few unique features that make it even more convenient for both parents and children. My personal favourite feature was the innovative foot straps. These ingenious adjustable and removable straps provide support and rest for a child’s feet so that bigger children are spared the annoyance and discomfort of having their feet hanging limply for long periods of time. As well as increasing the comfort level for the child, the straps have also been shown to hold the legs in a position that encourages proper posture and an aligned spine.

boba carrier in mintMothers of younger children will love the easy-to-use hood that comes with the carrier. When wearing the carrier in the front, the hood is the perfect way to protect your baby from the elements, nurse discreetly and block out light when baby falls asleep. The hood is quick to pull out thanks to the flexible elastic loops that hold it in place and features long straps with snaps in five different spots. The snaps attach to the shoulder straps to hold the hood in place exactly where it’s needed. Since we haven’t had the best weather for using the Boba Carrier outside just yet, I haven’t had much of a chance to test out the hood, but I did put it over Benjamin to test its effectiveness. My favourite feature of the hood is the multiple snaps on the strap. They help to ensure that the hood is the perfect size and held in the perfect place when I need to use it. And for those times when you know you won’t be using it, the hood also detaches completely!

The Boba Carrier is made of 100% natural brushed cotton and is also available in organic cotton styles for a great eco-friendly option. Overall, I was incredibly impressed by the Boba Carrier and how versatile it was. Any carrier that can be used for both my seventeen-month-old baby and my four-year-old boy is a winner in my mind. I loved how comfortable I was carrying Benjamin in the Boba Carrier and how comfortable he was riding in it. Finally, I loved that it was easy to put on, easy to take off and easy to use both in the front and in the back. For the ultimate comfortable and convenient baby carrier for older babies and young children, check out the Boba Carrier today!

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