Dear Google,

How are you? I am fine.

I have been a very good girlĀ all year. I have created lots of new content for all of my readers and worked hard at building nice, high-quality backlinks for my site. I also made sure that I updated my blog almost every single day.

This year, I would please like a PageRank of 3. I will treat it very well and make sure that it has a happy home here at Mommy Kat and Kids. I heard some bad kids saying that you were only giving PageRank to new sites that didn’t have one yet and that you weren’t going to pay any attention to all of us kids that already have a PageRank and are hoping to get one that’s maybe a little higher. I don’t think you would do that, though, because even though all us kids that have had websites since April already have a PageRank, lots of us have been working really hard hoping to get a higher one. You wouldn’t forget us, would you?

I hope to hear from you and I especially hope to see a fun, new PageRank sometime real soon.

Thank you in advance!

Your friend,

4 thoughts on “Dear Google,”

  1. I was a 2 when I had my .blogspot last march-april. but then i got my own domain and have been stuck at a 0 ever since even though my page views, unique visitors, GFC, etc have all tripled in number since april. So frustrating!

    1. I know what you mean; that’s just how I feel! Sometimes I just wish I could find good old Larry Page and bop him on the nose for inventing the stupid algorithm in the first place!

    1. Tee hee! I can’t say as my hopes are very high…but Google did do a big update that started on January 20th and may or may not still be happening. The one thing I’m grateful for is that I already had my own domain, because when I moved to WordPress I was able to keep my PR. But really; I was a 2 back in April and I was SO much smaller! That’s why I really do feel like Google is some sort of adult Santa Claus that is judging whether we’re naughty or nice… ;)

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