Grab A Scab Fun Fabric Sticker Patches-Review and Giveaway

My oldest son has spent most of his spare time kneeling and playing with cars and other toys since he was about a year old. But it has only been in the last year or so that his clothing has started to show the abuse that can result from constantly kneeling down to play. Of the eight pair of pants that Zackary owns, six have rips in not one, but both knees and one other pair has knees that are so threadbare that they can’t possibly last much longer.

This is a new experience for me. My family is big on hand-me-downs, and except for the odd ruined shirt or pair of pants, I have never before seen clothing that wears out before it is outgrown. And I have learned I don’t much care for it. Zackary has six fantastic-looking pairs of pants that all fit him perfectly, and he can’t wear them. How irritating!

grab a scab scabbie sticker patchGrab A Scab knows how I feel, and the company’s durable clothing patches are designed to provide a quick and easy solution to the inevitable ripped knees of childhood. I was thrilled when I received the chance to review the patches for myself.

I received the Doggie, Froggie and Scabbie patches to review. The red Scabbie is the mascot of Grab A Scab and is perfect for any little boy. The Doggie and Froggie were just as cute, and Zackary and I immediately began to discuss which pants we would use to test out the patches.

I chose a pair of Khaki pants with one ripped knee and a pair of black jeans with two ripped knees as our test pants, and Zackary decided which Scab would go on which holes. Peeling off the backing was the hardest part of the application process; the glue that holds the Scabs in place is strong! But once I had managed to separate one of the edges of the paper backing and get a good grip on it, peeling off the rest was much easier.

I carefully positioned the Scabs over the holes and rubbed them on with as much strength as I could, paying special attention to the edges as the instructions recommended. Two of the holes were missing some fabric, so I also followed a tip in the directions and placed a small scrap of thin fabric behind the hole to ensure that the Scab adhered properly without sticking to the inside of the pants.

To ensure maximum adhesion, I tumble-dried the pants for ten minutes after applying the Scabs as suggested. With just those simple steps, the application process was complete. But of course, the real test was still to come. Grab A Scab recommends washing clothing inside-out in cold water, and while I didn’t use cold water, I did turn the pants with the Scabs inside out when I washed them. The Scabs stayed on through washing, drying and folding without an issue and are still on Zackary’s pants today after three weeks of wearing and laundering!

grab a scab peace sticker patchThe one thing I did notice was that since Zackary still spends most of his playtime kneeling on the floor, the Scab over the largest rip gradually slid down due to the constant pressure of his knees on the patch until the top of the hole was exposed again. But this was a seriously large rip that went from one leg seam to the other. The Scabs I used over the smaller holes stuck perfectly and have done a great job of making Zack’s pants wearable again. When Andrea, the always innovative owner and creator of Scabs patches heard about the problem, it didn’t take her long to come up with an answer. By sewing the seam-to-seam rips first and then applying the patch, Zackary’s knee wouldn’t be able to push through the hole and the Scab should stay in place. I can’t wait to get more Scabs to test the theory, because I’ll bet that the solution will work like a charm!

Overall, I was very impressed by how easy the Scabs patches were to apply and how well they adhered to the clothing. I did some shopping last weekend and got Zackary five nice new pairs of pants, but I know it’s only a matter of time before the knees start to wear out. When that day comes, I plan to make sure that I have a stack of Scabs ready and waiting. Kids are tough on their clothes, but thanks to Scabs, any piece of clothing can easily be given new life and extra durability. And as an added bonus, they look absolutely adorable! Check out Grab A Scab for yourself and say goodbye to ruined pants once and for all!

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