Mommy Kat and Teens?

There are a lot of pearls of wisdom about changes. A change is as good as a rest. Change is inevitable. Change always comes bearing gifts. Sometimes our lives change for the better. Sometimes they change for the worse. And sometimes they merely change in a way that is different. Change can take time. Or, change can occur in the blink of an eye.

For example, in just a few hours, my husband’s thirteen-year-old daughter from a previous relationship will be coming to live with us. She will be staying with us until at least June, and if she enjoys life in the small town of Lumsden, she will remain with us permanently. This decision occurred very quickly; my husband and his ex-girlfriend first discussed it only last Thursday so I have had just a week and a half to prepare.

As if suddenly becoming the mother figure of a teenager wasn’t a big enough change for me to adjust to, she was also born and raised in Quebec and speaks French almost exclusively. The first few weeks of managing with her limited English and my limited French should be incredibly interesting!

I am nervous and excited and while I know there will be some rough patches in the beginning as the five of us learn to interact as a family, I am also sure that we will settle in soon enough and enjoy lots of great moments. There will also undoubtedly be times when Alison will be able to provide some great teenage perspective on items I review!

Wish us all luck!

10 thoughts on “Mommy Kat and Teens?”

  1. Give yourselves at least a year to blend. Don’t expect instant like from her. I became an instant mom to my husbands son and it took about a year for us to blend really well.
    It may be easier and faster for you though, because when my situation occured my step-son and my husband had been on their own together for about two years.
    She may get home sick, so maybe that is where you can really help her, by finding out things she liked to do in Quebec and see if the two of you can do them where you’re living now.

    1. That’s kind of what I was thinking too. My husband (of course) immediately started talking about how much fun everything was going to be and what a great time we were all going to have. (This from the guy that’s going to be out of the house for ten hours of the day! :)) But I figure it’s better to expect the initial time to be full of rough patches and then if things do go really smoothly I can just appreciate the pleasant surprise! It’s such a big change that there are bound to be problems that arise and issues to be worked out. It’s so nice to hear from other women that have had similar experiences and to learn how well things worked out for them! Thanks for the advice! :)

  2. When my youngest daughter was 2 my husbands 14 year old son from his first marriage came to live with us. It was quite an adjustment for us all, he went from having almost no supervision to having a stay at home mom watching his every move! Fast forward 20 years and I wouldn’t change a thing. It gave me another child to love, our relationship grew when he came to live with us. It gave my daughter a beloved big brother. And now his has blessed us with a wonderful granddaughter. It was a big adjustment for me parenting a teenager, but things worked out for us and I am sure they will for you too. Enjoy your adventure!

    1. What a great story! That gives me so much hope to know that the bond you created was so lasting and that twenty years later you are still so close. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. How exciting! I’m sure it will all work out wonderfully and you’ll both be teaching each other a new language in no time. Bonne chance, Mommy Kat! :)

    1. lol You’re telling me! But the advantage is that we’ll probably both end up speaking another language as a result. Not to mention the fact that the kids will hopefully pick it up as well. Thanks for the good wishes; I can’t even imagine how nuts the next couple weeks are going to be! :)

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