Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515-Review

Laptops are a love/hate relationship for me. I love the convenience and portability. I love the speed and power. I hate the keyboard and trackpad. And I also hate the tinny little speakers.

logitech wireless speaker z515 in useThanks to the best computer accessory company in the business, Logitech, I’ve been able to find solutions for pretty much all of the things I dislike about my laptop. From the USB-powered cooling pad that let me work comfortably with my laptop in my lap while holding the keys at a more user-friendly angle to the incredible Logitech Performance Mouse MX that allowed me say goodbye to the trackpad once and for all, there is no annoyance a computer can create for me that Logitech hasn’t thought of a solution for. So when I got the chance to review a product that would eliminate my frustration with the poor-quality speakers on my laptop, I leaped at the chance.

I received the Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 to review. The main thing that excited me about this speaker was the fact that it was wireless. I hate struggling with tangled wires when I’m using my computer, so I was thrilled that I could set the speaker wherever I liked without worrying about having a plug or a USB port nearby. The other convenient thing about the Z515 speaker is that it uses plug-and-play technology. I know there are times when installing software is absolutely necessary in order to properly run a device, but the fact that I could just plug the receiver into my USB port and use the speaker right away was sensational.

The speaker itself is only about ten inches long, but the sound that it delivers is just phenomenal. The difference between the tiny speakers on my laptop and the rich, full sound that I got from this dual driver speaker was like night and day and I immediately put on one of the boys’ favourite CDs so that they could enjoy the great sound too. They both stared at the speaker in amazement and then immediately started dancing around the living room!

The speaker is rechargable so that there is no need to worry about dead batteries. It plugs into a standard AC outlet to recharge and when it is fully charged, it lasts for about ten hours! It can also stream music from up to 50 feet away for unparalleled portability. My husband recently used the speaker to put on some of his favourite tunes from the Quebec lower north shore and when he needed to go upstairs to help his daughter in her room, he was actually able to carry the speaker with him and listen to his music on another floor while the computer stayed on the kitchen table! “It’s the modern ghetto blaster!” he joked as he carried it around.

logitech wireless speaker z515Thanks to the Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515, I now have great sound whether I’m watching a movie, listening to music or playing a game. Our fairly old and slow desktop computer used to be my only option if I wanted a high-quality sound, but with Logitech, great sound is as portable as my laptop itself. The USB receiver even has a convenient storage slot in the back of the speaker, and the carrying case is small enough to slip into a laptop bag with ease!

I love the Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515; the freedom it gives me to enjoy my favourite activities anywhere is just wonderful. If you need great sound that’s as mobile as you are, the Logitech Z515 is the speaker for you. Thanks to Logitech, you’ll never be irritated by tiny laptop speakers and their tinny sound again!

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