Playtex Sippy Cups and Mommyville-Review and Giveaway

There are some brands that a mom just trusts and one of those brands, for me, has always been Playtex. Since the mid-eighties when my own mother used Playtex bottles with drop-in liners to feed my younger siblings, I have known that Playtex cares about providing the very best feeding products for my family and my children. Times have changed, but Playtex has changed right along with them and the company’s bottles, sippy cups and pacifiers are getting more useful and innovative with each passing year. Recently, I got a chance to review some of Playtex’s new products as well as some of the most popular classic items and I couldn’t wait to test them out.

playtex bottles, pacifiers and sippy cupsI received the Drop-Ins Premium Nurser, The First Sipster Cup, The First Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer Cup, the Binky Pacifiers and the Ortho-Pro Pacifiers with Sterilizing Cover to review. These five products provide the basic feeding and soothing requirements for a baby from infancy to the toddler years. Benjamin, at 18 months, is right at that in-between stage where he uses both a sippy cup and a bottle so I couldn’t wait to try out the Playtex choices for both.

The first product I used was the Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser bottle. This is the modern version of the classic bottles we all remember from our childhood reinvented for a busy mom’s modern life. Instead of fiddling with a hard-to-open liner bag and then working to properly secure it around the top of the bottle, a convenient ring around the top of the liner meant that all I needed to do was to drop the liner into the top of the bottle and fill it up! Benjamin just loved this bottle partly, I think, because I could squeeze the extra air out of it so that he didn’t have to tip the bottle up. It quickly became his favourite bottle and when he is especially thirsty, it is always the one he carries over for me to fill.

The First Sipster Cup was another instant favourite. There were two features that really impressed me about this sippy cup. The first was the spill-proof design that really was completely spill proof. Benjamin is rough with his possessions but no matter what he put this cup through, the liquid stayed inside where it belonged. Even when he tried stepping on the cup, the beverage stayed contained! The other feature that I love about this cup is the spout itself. We have used two other styles of sippy cups in the past. One style has a hard plastic spout that feels unpleasant in a baby’s delicate mouth and can make it hard for a child to drink properly. The other style has a soft plastic spout that is so yielding a child can end up biting holes in it and ruining the cup. The Playtex Lil’ Sipster is the perfect compromise. The spout is flexible but not too much so, so that Benjamin can drink easily without ruining the spout with his teeth. Benjamin loves the double-handled design that gives the cup lots of grab-and-go convenience and overall, this cup was a hit with both baby and Mom.

The First Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer Cup is brand new and sounded incredibly cool. This is the first trainer cup designed to teach toddlers how to drink from a straw. The straw is made of the same firm but flexible material as the spout of The First Sipster Cup and The First Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer Cup was also designed to be leak proof! Using the cup was so simple. After filling the cup and screwing on the top, I simply pressed on the convenient textured ovals on either side of the cup to “prime” the straw with liquid. This helped Benjamin realized that there was a beverage in the cup and that he didn’t have to tip the cup back to get it. He was so funny as he learned to use this cup because he loves to do things without help from Mom. He would grab the cup, storm off and then stop and tip the cup back to try and drink. His grumpy annoyance when nothing came out was so funny to see!

Fortunately he let me help him often enough that he has now pretty much mastered how the cup works and he really likes drinking from the straw. The coolest feature of the cup for me is definitely the spill-proof design though! Of course, if there is liquid in a straw when a cup is turned upside-down, the liquid will spill onto the floor. The Playtex First Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer Cup solves that problem with a unique sliding top that tucks the straw away and seals up the top of the cup. Not only is the design brilliant at preventing spills, it’s also so much more sanitary when we’re travelling!

The Binky Pacifiers and Ortho-Pro Pacifiers with Sterilizing Cover were the final items I received. The Binky Pacifiers are shaped like a mother’s nipple to increase a baby’s satisfaction and comfort while sucking. With two different sizes for newborns or older babies, they are a great choice for a first pacifier. The Ortho-Pro pacifiers were designed by dentists to ensure proper oral development and prevent the misalignment of teeth that can be caused by ordinary pacifiers. The oh-so-handy snap-on sterilizing cover both protects the pacifier from dirt and grime during transport and also provides a convenient sterilizing container. Just fill the cover with water, snap in the pacifier microwave for two minutes and the pacifier will be germ free!

Neither of my sons ever used pacifiers, in large part because I just used nursing as a comforter instead. But I do have quite a few friends that just love pacifiers and so I handed them out to some of my friends. This is when I learned something very interesting about babies. To some babies, the “right” pacifier is as essential as the perfect jeans are to a woman. Some babies outright refused to even consider another style of pacifier, while others embraced the different shape. This is a decision that a mother really makes initially and if you’re looking for the perfect pacifier for your baby, one thing is certain. Playtex pacifiers have a design that has been tested for generations to provide your baby with the satisfaction they need and the proper oral development that is so important for an infant.

playtex lil gripper straw trainer cupBecause Playtex knows that being a mom can be confusing, the company has created an amazing online community especially for Canadian moms that is chock full of useful information for every stage of babyhood. From feeding milestones to easy diaper changing tips, the practical and informative advice at Playtex Mommyville is a great way to learn more about any baby matter that you want to investigate. I checked out the site myself and I was surprised to learn that egg white should be avoided until after one year of age to reduce allergy risks!

I really enjoyed the products I received and the Playtex Mommyville community. It’s so nice to have a resource that can not just give me information about great Playtex products, but can also give me the most up-to-date information about my baby. Whether I am pondering the proper age to introduce nuts to my baby’s diet or the perfect cup to transition from bottle to cup, Playtex Mommyville has a well-researched answer for me and a product to fit my needs. If you want the best for your baby, check out Playtex Mommyville for yourself!

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  1. Something I have learned is-

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