Scholastic Spring Picture Books Review

My boys love books as much as I did when I was a child and that fact makes me so happy. Zackary will even sit and listen to long non-fiction books as long as they are about topics he enjoys. But his favourite books are still picture books for the time being and both he and his brother will sit and listen to me read as long as I am willing to do so.

meow said the cow coverWith the amount of reading that goes on in our household, I’m sure it’s no surprise that Scholastic books have been a part of our lives for many years. I still remember how excited I was when I got to pick out a few special books from Scholastic during school sales and I am so glad that I have the chance to share Scholastic’s newest books with my boys.

This spring, Scholastic has some great titles for family reading fun and I was lucky enough to get to review three of the titles for myself. I couldn’t wait to sit down with my boys and do a little reading!

The first book we read was Meow Said the Cow by Emma Dodd. This fun rhyming book tells the story of a farm cat that decides the best way to deal with his frustration at being awakened by the noisy rooster is to cast a magic spell that switches around the voices of the farm animals. Chaos ensues as chickens oink and sheep bark, but when the mice start mooing, the cat realizes he may have gone too far! The animals convince the cat to undo the spell, but one animal finds himself still stuck with a mixed-up voice!

Both of my boys loved the rhyming text of this book and Zackary really got a kick out of guessing which sounds different animals would make. He also appreciated the surprise ending and both boys thoroughly enjoyed the animal noises throughout the book. Best of all, the last animal noise in the book is a loud Cock-a-doodle-do that had both boys giggling!

the underpants zoo coverAfter reading about some funny-sounding animals, we decided to keep the fun going with the funny-looking animals in The Underpants Zoo by Brian Sendelbach. The rhyming text in the book was lots of fun, but its true brilliance was definitely in its illustrations. Every animal in the Underpants Zoo had underwear that suited his personality and the drawings of different animals in their underwear were so cleverly done. I never would have thought an octopus could wear underwear before reading this book!

From the comfortable fuzzy undies of the lazy sloths to the frilly pink undergarments of the crocodile (mock his style at your peril, warns the author!) the illustrations in this whimsical book are absolutely delightful and Zackary loved seeing how the underwear of different animals related to its characteristics.

The final book we received was one that many people have been eagerly anticipating for months. Give Me Back My Dad is the esteemed winner of the Pick-A-Munsch contest held in autumn of last year that allowed Canadians to decide which Robert Munsch story would be the 30th book published by Scholastic Canada. The winning book is a delightful winter tale inspired by a young girl named Cheryl from Rigolet, Labrador.

give me back my dad coverLike almost all Robert Munsch books, Give Me Back My Dad combines everyday situations with a delightful absurdity that is guaranteed to have children laughing out loud as they listen. Zackary loved listening to the story of Cheryl and her dad as they went ice fishing and pitted their intelligence against some very crafty fish. While the pair don’t catch a fish at the end, they do come home with something even better! Zackary loved the lively dialogue, the sound effects and the plot itself just as much as he loved so many other classic Robert Munsch books.

If you have young children, reading aloud to them is a great way to encourage a love of books and promote literacy. And for books that kids will want to read again and again, Scholastic is always a great place to start building your library. Check out their fun line of spring titles for yourself and get ready for some wacky reading adventures with your child!

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