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Benjamin is learning so much right now and I love seeing what new discoveries he makes every day. Once babies start talking, watching their progress as they learn new words and concepts is really a miracle; they retain so much and learn so fast. Benjamin, at only twenty months, knows all the parts of his body, has a constantly growing vocabulary and can even sing “Oh Canada!” (The words aren’t especially clear, but the tune is recognizable enough that even strangers have been able to tell what song he’s singing!)

alphabeasts junoBecause toddlers are capable of learning so much, I try to talk to Benjamin about all kinds of different topics and I make sure that I feature the letters of the alphabet whenever I get the chance. So when I learned about a line of plush animals designed to help teach children the letters of the alphabet, I was intrigued.

Alphabeasts are plush monsters with contrasting colours on each side that feature an upper-case alphabet letter on one side of their bodies and the matching lower-case letter on the other side. I was lucky enough to get some Alphabeasts to review for myself and I couldn’t wait.

Each of the Alphabeasts has a name starting with its letter and a unique personality. I received Boogeyfus, Kliklak and Zipperzoom to review. Boogeyfus, of course, was for Benjamin. Zipperzoom was Zackary’s special friend. And I have to confess, I requested the nervous and short-tempered Kliklak for myself!

zackary with the alphabeasts
Zackary with our Alphabeasts

I loved the bright colours of the Alphabeasts as well as their size and shape. The Alphabeasts are over a foot high and fairly flat so in addition to being cuddly and loveable plush pals, they are also perfect as little pillows! We took our Alphabeasts along on a recent trip to visit my sister and they were the perfect size and shape for comfortable resting in the car.

I loved the way that the Alphabeasts featured the lower-case letters as well as the more common upper-case. When I was teaching Zackary his letters, I noticed that many of the resources available only included upper-case letters. I had to do a bit of hunting before I could find so much as a set of flash cards that included lower-case letters. The Alphabeasts are ready for the more advanced concept of the lower-case alphabet right off the bat!

alphabeasts yakityakBenjamin loved his Alphabeast and within a day or two he knew which plush friend was his, which was his brother’s and which was mine. He loved marching over to me with Kliklak in his hands and presenting him to me proudly and I loved that he was already developing some concept of the different letters with the help of the different cuddly monsters!

Overall, I found Alphabeasts to be the perfect fun and collectible way to teach children about the alphabet. The creatures’ unique personalities and original names make learning about letters lots of fun and with 26 plush friends to play with, kids will want to have the entire collection. From creating words to cuddling at bedtime, there’s no end to the fun that a child can have with Alphabeasts, so check them out and find your favourite Alphabeast today!

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