Bluapple-Prolong Produce Freshness-Review and Giveaway

There is nothing that frustrates me more than spending my family’s hard-earned money on healthy fresh fruits and vegetables only to have them get soft or start to rot before we get a chance to eat them. We are a family that loves our fruits and vegetables and having them spoil before we can eat them isn’t just a waste of money, it’s a frustration when we’re craving one of our favourite healthy treats.

bluapple starter kitRecently I learned about a fabulous product called the Bluapple that is designed to help solve that problem and prolong the freshness of produce by absorbing the ethylene gas that causes fruits and vegetables to ripen and eventually rot. This innovative little plastic apple has a special pouch of volcanic ash containing ethylene gas-neutralizing sodium permanganate inside and handy holes in the top allow the apple to neutralize the extra gas in the crisper or the fruit bowl. Anything that could help our beloved fruit last longer sounded like a great product to me and I was delighted when I got the chance to test out the Bluapple for myself.

I received a kit containing two Bluapples to review and I immediately placed one in each of our crisper drawers in the bottom of the fridge. We had just been shopping, so both drawers were completely full and I was excited to see how the produce would fare with the Bluapples in the drawer. I really appreciated the small size of the Bluapple; it is about half the size of a regular apple so that it doesn’t take up too much space in the crisper.

The Bluapple worked fabulously and what I especially noticed was how much longer the thin-skinned produce like peppers and grapes lasted. We have never been able to keep grapes in our fridge for longer than about a week before, but with the Bluapple in the crisper we were able to enjoy fresh and delicious grapes a full two weeks after buying them! It worked well with crisper fruits and vegetables as well, but I noticed that having vegetables like broccoli in an open plastic bag in the crisper really made a difference too. The bag helped to ensure the broccoli didn’t wilt due to a lack of water and the Bluapple helped to ensure that it didn’t wilt due to over ripening.

I also liked the fact that one Bluapple was designed to last for three months and that the company sold handy refill packets so that instead of replacing the entire Bluapple I could just replace the packet inside the plastic case. And since the little plastic apple was sitting next to our food, I was thrilled to know that the contents of the Bluapple were non-toxic and could even be sprinkled on houseplants or in the garden once fully depleted to add trace nutrients to the soil.

bluapple with fruitJust for fun, I tried placing the Bluapple in a bowl of bananas as well. I knew that the Bluapple wouldn’t be quite as effective in the open air since the ethylene gas wouldn’t be as concentrated to begin with, but the website said that just having the Bluapple near the fruit would still provide some slowing in the ripening process. We also had some bananas down in the basement where we had placed them in the hopes that the cooler temperature would help them to last longer. Ironically, the bananas we had upstairs in the bowl lasted longer than the bananas we had placed downstairs!

There has been much less waste since we received the Bluapple and I am so glad that we are all getting the chance to eat the fruit and vegetables that we buy instead of having to throw them away. With a cost of just ten dollars for a starter kit of two Bluapples and the same price for a full one-year refill kit, the Bluapple really pays for itself in a month or two and then keeps saving you money all year long! If you’re tired of having your produce pass its prime before you can eat it, then slow the ripening process and start enjoying fresh produce longer with Bluapple!

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  1. Karla Sceviour

    I learned that Using the BluApple, you can extend the useful storage life of your produce up to three times longer! These are awesom,would love to try one! I throw away alot of apples!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  2. I learned Experts think that the ethylene gas acts as a signal to the other plants to synchronize and coordinate ripening,

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