Gomu Eraserland Review

Every parent can attest to the fact that kids love collections. In fact, the first time that my son brought home a “lovely” collection of rocks he collected during a walk downtown, I immediately remembered a time when I had done the same thing when out walking with my mother! Zackary definitely has that love of collecting (his 387 toys cars are proof of that) so when I got the chance to review a fun new collectable toy from Spin Master, I was delighted. Gomu are the latest craze in kids’ collectibles and they are absolutely adorable. Gomu are little toy figurines. But they are also so much more.

gomu eraserland pack of six gomuFirst of all, Gomu are erasers, so in addition to being very cute, they are also useful. Gomu are also puzzles; every figurine is made up of different pieces that can be taken apart and put back together. And most importantly, of course, Gomu are collector’s items. From pets to musical instruments to beauty products to electronics, there are Gomu figurines to suit every interest for boys and girls alike.

Gomu come in single packs, sets of three or sets of six and start at less than a dollar each! We received an assortment of Gomu packages to review and as soon as Zackary saw the first set of three Gomu toys he was hooked.

He especially loved the way that he could take the pieces apart and then put them back together; he spent hours building with his Gomu. A few days after we received the packages, he went to play with one of his friends from pre-Kindergarten and I let him take two packages of Gomu over to the house; one for him and one for his friend. When I went over to see how the boys were doing about an hour later, I found Zackary and his buddy happily pretending to play the tiny Gomu guitars together.

A few weeks later, my youngest sister, Zackary’s thirteen-year-old Auntie Sharlee, came to visit us for a week. As soon as she saw Zackary’s collection, which we had put in an ice cream tub to keep it away from Benjamin, she exclaimed, “Are those the eraser things?” She eagerly pulled out the Gomu and began examining them closely.

gomu assortment of erasersThe brilliance of Gomu is that they were designed to be appealing to such a wide range of kids. Boys, girls, preschoolers, teenagers…they can all find something to love about Gomu. My son is a confirmed Gomu addict and when other kids see him with his collection, about half of them immediately exclaim, “Gomu! I love those!” The other half absolutely have to investigate further and within a few minutes they’re as enraptured as Zackary.

Overall, I found Gomu to be a fun and appealing collectible and personally, I far prefer Gomu to an assortment of rocks. I love that Zackary can use them for developing his fine motor skills by constructing and deconstructing them or for imaginative play by using them to create stories and scenarios. And when he learns how to print, he can even use them to correct mistakes! For a great collectible toy that is inexpensive, useful and a huge kid-pleaser, check out Gomu for yourself!

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