Rafflecopter-What’s Your Opinion?

Yesterday, I received one of the much-coveted invitations to test out the new giveaway platform Rafflecopter. I’ll definitely be trying it out on a few giveaways in the near future, but I also want to hear from you! After all, I’m not the one entering the giveaways, though I do enter giveaways on other sites sometimes and have been pretty pleased with Rafflecopter so far. What do you think? Is Rafflecopter the way to go, or is good, old-fashioned blog commenting just fine? Let me know!

24 thoughts on “Rafflecopter-What’s Your Opinion?”

  1. Stacey A Smith

    I’m way more likely to enter a contest if I see that it is Rafflecopter then if I see a hole list of the stuff to type in over and over to enter a Giveaway.it’s so much more easy.

  2. Thanks so much for all the fantastic feedback, everyone! I’ll definitely give it a try for a giveaway or two and see how it goes, but it was SO nice to hear what people think about it!

  3. From a user stand point I like rafflecopter, it makes it easier to see what I have done and there is no question about how to enter. Makes things simple. I like any of the ones where it makes it easy to enter :)

  4. I’ve entered a few giveaway using Rafflecopter and I find it so much easier. A lot of blogs don’t have the pop comment window which makes it a little time consuming having to go up to the post to see the required entries and then scrolling down to enter, they have captchas to post comments. or they have word press which means that you will get a error your posting comments too fast. This way I don’t leave the blog at any time. I know comments are great but you don’t have to leave them out. You can make the mandatory entry be a comment. I don’t know how anyone can have a problem just entering one comment, when your saving time by eliminating entering multiple comments. Yes, they still have some glitches to work out but overall its so much easier to enter giveaways, but this is just my opinion.

    1. I agree! Besides the “you’re posting too quickly” the worst thing about entering giveaways is scrolling up and down to see all the entries and when the blogger doesn’t use “target=_blank” for their links. Super annoying when you are redirected away from the giveaway page!

      For me I’ve had a few problems entering Rafflecopter giveaways, but sometimes just switching broswers solved my issues. Mostly, it’s worked okay for me and I LOVE it!

  5. When it works it is brilliant, so much faster and more efficient – when it does not work (all to often for me) I am left feeling frustrated to say the least. Try it, see if you like it :)

  6. At first it worked great for me as a giveaway participant. It worked super fast. Now it’s a whole different story. Yes, it is easy to enter through Rafflecopter, but I have to wait over a minute for it to load up. My internet and computer are super fast so I don’t think it’s a problem on my end. After it does load up, while I’m entering it gives me errors while I’m trying to submit my entry and I have to keep re-clicking the button. Sometimes if it lets me go fast, it kinda gets ahead of me and submits my entries before I have a chance to enter in my FB or twitter names, etc. Daily entries now take longer, because I have to wait so long for forms to load up. And if you clear your cookies, then you have to re-enter the mandatory enter and that’s just more hassle for the blogger.

    Now as for running giveaways. I did one and I had so much trouble with it. Form kept on going down. It wasn’t loading up for me and many others. It took me a long time each time to access the moderation page. When you look through entries, it’s hard to keep track of who did what and if anyone did the mandatory more than once. In wordpress, I can search through entries by ip, e-mail, name, etc and verify winner’s entries thoroughly.

    You don’t have comment timer on your blog so it’s super easy to enter as is. If I were you, I’d wait until they fixed more of their glitches. I really do love the software and it’s idea, but too many glitches and complaints from users right now!

    Well, that’s just my opinion :)

  7. I love entering giveaways with Rafflecopter. It is so much easier! I also have an account with them but haven’t hosted a giveaway using it yet. I’m too nervous haha

  8. Rafflecopter is definitely easier but I’m thinking it would be best if the daily entries were on a completely separate rafflecopter form so deleting cookies or using a different computer doesn’t affect a person’s ability to do their daily tweets.

    Also, every now and then I’ve hit enter before entering all the necessary information and there is no way to go back and edit anything. But that is more of a user error than a rafflecopter flaw.

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