Abundance Naturally Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products

It’s no secret that I love eco-friendly products. Nature is full of amazing things and I adore finding companies that have learned how to respect the earth’s bounty while at the same time reaping the benefits that the natural ingredients provide.

Recently, I learned about an incredible company called Abundance Naturally that provides just the kind of eco-friendly products I love.

abundance naturally bellaboo starter kitThe company specializes in providing Canadians with high-quality and eco-friendly personal care products and has a range of different product lines for babies, kids, teens and adults.

I love the fact that not only are the products free of harsh chemicals and man-made ingredients, they are also rich in essential plant extracts and organic herbs. I was thrilled when I was given the chance to review some of the company’s most popular products for myself.

I received Abundance Naturally Baby Balm, Thursday’s Plantation Tea Tree Liquid Filled Cotton Tips, eco.kid Lice Bomb Treatment and a Bellaboo Girl on the Go kit to review.

The assortment was incredible and I loved the fact that Abundance Naturally had products for the whole family. The tea tree oil cotton tips arrived at just the right time and I made sure that I popped them into my purse right before we left for our camping trip.

Am I ever glad I did! These clever little liquid-filled swabs were a lifesaver! The mosquitoes were horrible at the campsite and between the bites and the inevitable burns and scrapes that come along with camping, I was using one or two a day to sooth and disinfect minor injuries.

I loved the fact that the liquid was contained within the swab so that I didn’t have to carry a messy bottle of oil on my trip. I just pulled out a handy swab, snapped the seal and applied the liquid!

abundance naturally eco.kid lice bombI also brought the Bellaboo Girl on the Go kit on our trip since it was developed for acne-prone teenagers and I have a problem with my skin breaking out. The smell of these products is absolutely addictive! The kit includes All That Clean Skin Facial Wash, Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator and Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew and every product smells good enough to eat!

The Moisture Dew felt incredibly luxurious on my skin and I had a hard time believing that I wouldn’t start to break out after using something that felt so rich and creamy, but I didn’t have any problem with breakouts using the Bellaboo system. And after about a week of use, my skin had such a great healthy glow!

I didn’t actually test the eco.kid Lice Bomb, though I did read about it a little. I didn’t know there was an eco-friendly solution for lice and I am so glad I learned about it!

When I was in my teens, our entire household got lice and I still remember the harshness of the shampoo we had to use to get rid of them. I also remember how hard my mom had to hunt for an effective lice treatment she could use because she was breastfeeding my youngest sister at the time. I only wish we had had Lice Bomb around then!

Believe me when I say that I hope I will never have to go through that process again, but if I do I’m glad to know that there is an eco-friendly option for lice removal available.

And I was intrigued to learn that the eco.kid shampoo and conditioner are formulated to help prevent lice too! Since I know firsthand how much work is required to eliminate lice once they’ve entered a house, I’ll definitely by investing in this shampoo now that my son is starting school!

abundance naturally baby balmThe final item that we tested was the Abundance Naturally Baby Balm and the entire family was excited about it. We are a balm-addicted family and this balm was one of the very best we have ever used.

The smell is unbelievable with a hint of minty freshness and the balm is amazing at healing diaper rash and minor skin injuries and irritations. It even helped speed my husband’s healing after he burnt his arm quite badly on his motorcycle!

I enjoyed all of the products that I received from Abundance Naturally and while it’s hard to choose a favourite I think the Bellaboo products are what really made an impression on me.

I’ve dealt with breakouts for so long and I’m thrilled to have a natural and eco-friendly cleaning system that still gives me the clear skin I long for. I still do get the occasional breakout but my skin is so much better than before I started using the kit!

If you’re looking for safe and effective personal care products that the whole family will love, check out the great variety of personal care products from Abundance Naturally today.

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