CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats with Tote Review

There’s nothing better than a great pair of heels, but sadly, they don’t always feel as good as they look. Just recently I purchased an adorable pair of strappy black dress sandals and even though they felt fine in the store, I learned the first time I wore them that the straps cut into my feet awfully after the first few hours.

cityslips ballet flats and clutch in pinkI put up with the pain, because they looked fabulous and I was at a dressy event, but when I learned about CitySlips, an innovative pair of foldable ballet flats complete with matching convertible tote, I knew I wanted to learn more. CitySlips were designed so that women enduring pain in the name of fashion could get out of cruel footwear and into comfy shoes as soon as possible. I was delighted when Three’s Company, the Canadian distributor of CitySlips, gave me a chance to review a pair of CitySlips for myself.

I received the pink CitySlips in a size medium to review. What makes CitySlips so unique is the fact that they’re not just a pair of foldable shoes. The flats come in a matching pouch that is small enough to be tossed into a standard-sized purse or bag. When the time comes to switch footwear, the pouch then opens up into a pretty tote bag perfect for holding the previous pair of shoes.

While I did use my CitySlips once during a dressier occasion, the time that I actually got the most use out of them was when I was camping. They were the perfect comfy yet pretty shoes to put on at the end of the day and they did a much better job of protecting my feet from mosquitoes than my sandals, not to mention being much warmer!

silver cityslips on modelBecause the shoes are made of a vinyl-style material, they can get a little hot over time. They really aren’t made to be worn for hours at a time in my opinion. Instead, they are an easy to carry and attractive footwear solution for those times when you just can’t stand your heels anymore.

I love my CitySlips and they have a permanent place in my purse, just in case. I never know when I might need them, but I’m so glad to know that I can pull them out in a minute as soon as I decide I have to change my footwear. If you love heels but hate the pain that can accompany them, give your feet a break and check out CitySlips. They’re pretty, comfy and one of the most functional products you’ll ever use!

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  1. They are super cute and come in colors to match EVERYTHING Threes Company also has some really cool Urban Aid charms.

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