Children’s Halloween Costumes-Review

My boys love dressing up and playing games of make-believe. In fact, for months Zackary’s pride and joy was a Hot Wheels Halloween costume that he put on every time I gave him permission. Recently, contacted me about reviewing one of their costumes and I knew Zackary and Benjamin would both be delighted. lighning mcqueen costumeI chose the Lightning McQueen Costume to review. This is a deluxe 3D costume and what I love about it is the fact that it’s part costume and part prop. Sure, it’s perfect for Halloween, especially with the included Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment cap that comes with the costume. But because the costume basically consists of a strap-on Lightning McQueen race car, the costume is also great for kids that want to pretend to drive or hold imaginary races.

The costume is made of a flexible foam so it doesn’t hold its shape all the time. My husband mentioned putting wire in the interior of the costume to help hold it in a car shape; it should be a fairly easy process and I’ll bet that the costume will look absolutely incredible when he’s done. The costume still looks good as it is, but the car shape would be much more noticeable with a little support and I’m sure the kids would have a much more realistic driving experience too!

I really liked that this costume was one-size-fits-all up to age 6 so that both Zackary and Benjamin could use it. They both had a great time fastening the Velcro straps over their shoulders and running around the house with Lightning McQueen! also has a huge selection of original superhero costumes, movie costumes and theme costumes for men, women, children and even babies!

I was impressed by the ease of choosing the perfect costume at and by the great variety. The boys love their Lightning McQueen costume and even if we don’t end up using it for Halloween, I know they will enjoy months of playtime with it! For a great assortment of costumes at a great price, check out today!

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