GIANTMicrobes Plush Toys-Review and Giveaway

We all get sick now and again, whether it’s a bout of winter flu or a case of food poisoning. But who actually thinks about exactly why we get sick?

salmonella GIANTMicrobeGIANTMicrobes, that’s who! This unique toy company offers one of the most unexpected plush toys I have ever seen; viruses, bacteria and parasites turned into plush “friends” one million times their actual size. I’m a sucker for original ideas and so when I got the chance to review a Microbe for myself, I couldn’t resist.

Choosing a toy is not for the faint of heart! I didn’t have any problem browsing through the viruses and bacteria, but the parasites, as interesting as they were, made me a little too squeamish to want one in my home!

Not to worry, though, GIANTMicrobes has a fun friend for even the most hesitant shopper. For those that just can’t get comfortable with an infectious disease, the site provides plush GIANTMicrobe superstars including yoghurt, yeast and the ever-popular penicillin!

I eventually chose Salmonella for my review. This funny fellow is a white oval shape with red strings of various lengths protruding from his body. He actually looked quite cute for something that can send someone to the bathroom for a full day or more!

When my GIANTMicrobe arrived, I couldn’t help but grin. The plush toy featured little eyes and a tag that contained an actual picture of the Salmonella bacteria. The tag also contained interesting facts about Salmonella bacteria. I was intrigued to learn that it sometimes takes months to recover from food poisoning caused by Salmonella!

After I saw the picture of Salmonella bacteria on the tag and compared it to the toy, I showed it to my husband eagerly. “Look, honey!” I exclaimed. “It looks just the same! Cool, huh?”

My husband studied the picture briefly and then dryly commented, “Except for the eyes.”

brain cell GIANTMicrobeGIANTMicrobes are perfect as educational tools but they are also a fun and quirky gift for the friend or family member that has everything. My boys both enjoy their Salmonella toy and he looks so funny that I find myself smiling every time I see him. And what a unique toy to pull out for playdates or as a conversation starter when company is over!

Whether you’re attracted to the educational value of these plush microbes or just want a toy or gift that nobody else will have, GIANTMicrobes are for you. Check out the selection and find your own favourite today!

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77 thoughts on “GIANTMicrobes Plush Toys-Review and Giveaway”

  1. For Christmas I got my sister salmonella and E coli, I would love to round it out with some C diff!!! (she’s a microbiologist in a food testing lab, and these are all things she tests for). Her birthday is in October, this would be perfect timing….!!

  2. I would definitely get the Brain Cell – very cool site, but the parasites gave me the creeps (bed bugs, dust mites etc).

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