ScareMeNots Plush Bedtime Toys

Some kids are so good about bedtime. Others seem to take forever to settle down. But no matter how your child goes to bed, there’s no doubt that having a cuddly friend can make going to sleep a little easier.

And if that cuddly friend was made especially to protect kids from anything scary that might try to creep into their thoughts, even better!

scaremenot defender daveRecently I got the chance to review a new line of plush toys called ScareMeNots. These loveable monsters each have a unique personality and a desire to make sure that a child’s night is filled with pleasant dreams.

The toys also have clever tails with Velcro strips that can be looped around closet bars, bedposts or other items to keep an eye on things throughout the night. I couldn’t wait to see what my kids thought of these loveable creatures.

I received the travel-sized Defender Dave to review. Dave is a deep purple colour with a cone-shaped body and a long forked tail. He has a big grin and eight yellow eyes that go all the way around his head so that he can see danger coming from every direction.

The entire family fell in love with Dave at once, but my husband was the one that enjoyed him most! He had so much fun hanging Dave in different places around the house by his tail!

Defender Dave came on our recent camping trip with us and Zackary was so glad to have the plush toy along. Dave hung from the bars of Zackary’s top bunk in the trailer and Zackary really liked having Dave there to keep an eye on him (and everything else)!

The travel-sized ScareMeNots really are wonderful for just that and Dave was the perfect comforting plush toy to have at night without taking up too much room.

scaremenot fearless fredWhen we returned home, our ScareMeNot came back into the house and resumed his job of defending our home.

What I love about Dave is the way that he has become a family toy; we all take turns moving him from place to place, which means that he almost seems to be alive since he’s always moving around! He especially loves hanging from our banister!

My entire family loves our ScareMeNot and he will definitely be coming along on all our future vacations as well. Knowing he’s there to keep an eye on things in a new place is something my boys really appreciate, and they love finding new places to hang him up too!

And when bedtime comes, they are happy to know that Defender Dave is there to watch out for trouble while they sleep. If your child worries about “bedtime scaries,” the ScareMeNots are happy to help! Check out the collection and find your own favourite today!

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