Time Island Online Virtual World-Review and Giveaway

I’ve got a secret love of online virtual games and I’ve become addicted to different ones more than once in the past. In fact, when I started Mommy Kat and Kids, I pretty much stopped all online gaming activity because I knew if I tried to keep playing I would never make time for blogging!

time island imagingBut recently, I got to combine my two favourite hobbies when I received the chance to review Time Island, a new educational online world where children can play games, earn tokens and interact with other players in a safe and non-violent environment. Zackary and I sat down together to see what Time Island was all about.

After the quick and easy registration process, the first thing we did was create an avatar for the game. We had lots of fun choosing a hairstyle, skin colour and clothing for our character. Then, we started exploring Time Island.

The virtual world features lots of mini games and by playing, children can earn useful items like food and lamp oil as well as Time Chips that can be spent on clothing or furnishings for their home. I liked that the games were easy enough for Zackary to play and that they promoted concepts like math, spatial reasoning and logic. And best of all, the games were lots of fun! I especially liked trying to catch fireflies in bubbles to make light and Zackary loved racing down the river jumping over logs!

Because Time Island is still in its Beta phase, it is a bit of a lonely place right now, but I can well imagine how exciting it will get in the future when children can work together, create tribes and have even more fun. And I’m sure the games will get even better as they are developed further!

To celebrate the launch of Time Island, Zackary received a Time Island Fun Pack as well. The fun green drawstring bag was filled with stickers, tattoos and wristbands for Zackary to share with his friends as well as a cool Time Island bandana and pair of sunglasses for him to keep. Zackary loves sharing things and he had tons of fun passing out the goodies to neighbours and school friends!

Even though Time Island is still in its Beta phase and sometimes the pages load quite slowly, I am already a little addicted. I’ve played a few of the mini games until the end of their current levels, but there are others that I am determined to master. Zackary is just as enthralled, and he loves being able to shop for new furniture and place it in his hut too!

Overall, I think Time Island will be a great virtual world for school-aged children and I really appreciate the effort the creators have put into making sure that Time Island won’t just be fun and educational, but will also be safe. From site managers that monitor activities to a Supreme Safe Chat mode that lets children converse only with a list of pre-chosen sentences, there is a high emphasis on children’s safety on Time Island. If your children love online gaming, you will want to check out Time Island. It’s fun, safe and educational…what more could a parent ask for?

Learn More: To discover more about Time Island, visit http://www.timeisland.tv/ today

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  2. Well, my kids enjoy the small games on Treehouse and as far as other computer games, they have recently discovered angry birds and the other games similar to that on (instead of angry birds, there is angry cows, sheep etc.) They laugh hysterically.

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