Kinder Moms-How Do You Make Time for Play?

Now that school season is in full swing, there is a lot less free time in most families. Work, school, extra-curricular activities, shorter days, colder weather…they all add up to one thing. Way less playtime. But playtime doesn’t have to be something that takes up a big chunk of your day. There are lots of ways to add some play to daily drives, chores, bedtimes…even mealtimes!

kids playingFor example, when Zackary is having a hard time settling down before bed, we play a game called Find the Penny. I simply take a few pennies and toss them onto the rumpled covers of his bed. Then he has to scramble around to find them as fast as he can.

Sometimes, to add a little extra challenge to the game, I’ll pretend to see pennies here and there and “accidentally” tickle him as I grab for them. This game could be even better in the morning if you happen to have a child that has trouble with alertness when they wake up, but that’s not a problem Zackary has!

Cleaning is something that makes nearly everyone drag their feet, so why not put a spring in your step by setting a timer and giving yourself and your kids ten minutes to complete each job. It makes the work seem much more fun, and it’s done faster too! When we “race clean,” as Zackary calls it, we always reward ourselves with a fun snack or a good book when we’re done.

Are the kids getting bored of sitting in the car while you run errands? Try making up a story with them by each taking turns telling one sentence (or word) of the story at a time. It can be so much fun to see where a story goes when it’s told this way, and it will also give you a valuable glimpse into the way your child’s mind works. I love how imaginative my son gets when we play this game!

At dinner, why not try a round of Hide and Seek? Hide a small object (a pea, a toothpick, whatever you like) somewhere on the table and let your children walk their fingers around on the table searching for it. Direct their roaming hands with “hot” and “cold” until they find the hidden object. Then, let them take a turn to hide an object.

Of course, nothing makes a fun little game better than a prize at the end, and there’s no better prize to make a day extra special than a Kinder Surprise! I like to hide one for each of my kids in the living room and then let them hunt for it. It’s like a little mini Easter hunt that we can enjoy any time of the year!

case of kinder eggsAnd because Kinder Canada believes so strongly in the importance of playtime, they are holding an incredible contest on their Facebook page that will definitely result in some very happy and playful kids. Ten lucky readers will win a Kinder Surprise gift basket worth $200! Visit the Kinder Canada Facebook page to enter for your chance to win and remember to check back often because Kinder Canada has many more amazing promotions and contents planned for the future!

Playtime can consist of long, involved activities, but it can just as easily consist of little tidbits of fun enjoyed throughout the day. Whether it’s a Kinder Surprise after school or a game of “I Spy” in a waiting room, don’t forget to help your child enjoy a little extra play in the busy fall months. Do you have a way of adding some play to your family’s busy day?

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