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Every child dreams of having a pet of their very own, but let’s face it, most kids have no idea about all the responsibilities that pet ownership brings. Feeding, walking, cleaning and training a pet take a huge commitment of time and energy from almost everyone in the household.

myownpet balloons dachshundAn innovative new product is offering kids a unique way to enjoy the fun of a pet without any of the work. MyOwnPet Balloons are a collection of foil balloons with weighted feet and an attached leash. When the balloon is filled with helium, the weighted feet keep it close to the ground so that it appears to walk with its owner! I couldn’t wait to test one out for myself.

I chose the Dachshund to review. The idea of a “wiener-dog” balloon pet was just too adorable to resist. There are tons of other dog breeds to choose from, and for kids with more active imaginations, the balloons are also available in shapes ranging from penguins to dinosaurs!

On Labour Day, our town has a large yearly fundraiser complete with kid’s activities, live entertainment and so much more. Since there are always helium-filled balloons at the event, I decided to take the MyOwnPet Balloon to the park to fill it up and see what people thought.

My husband took the package to the balloon stand and when he came back, he was leading a very cute Dachshund puppy behind him! The way these balloons “walk” is so adorable. They bounce along the ground in such a roly-poly way and the kids were immediately delighted by their new pet. Both boys had to take a turn pulling the balloon behind them!

The comments we got about our MyOwnPet Balloon came continually. Parents were pointing the balloon out to their children and some kids just had to come pet the balloon! Many people hopefully asked where we had purchased it and thanks to the handle on the leash, which is decorated with the company name, we were able to point them in the direction of their own pet balloon!

myownpet balloons tyrannosaurus rexWhile the balloons are made to last, the one thing we didn’t take into consideration was the unseasonably hot weather we had been enjoying. The heat gradually expanded the helium in the balloon and after about an hour outside in the hot weather, we heard a sudden and unexpected pop that spelled the demise of our poor friend. But the pet had bounded across grass and gravel with no problem previously and I’m sure if we had taken more care to keep him in a reasonable temperature, he would have lasted for weeks.

Overall, our MyOwnPet Balloon was a huge hit, both with our family and with everyone else that saw it. It’s the perfect hassle-free way to give your child the fun of having their own pet, and the reaction the balloons receive is absolutely priceless. Check out the collection for yourself and find the perfect pet for your child!

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