ThinkGeek Talking Bender Figure-Review

I don’t talk about this side of my personality much, but I am secretly a pretty big geek. I’m a reluctantly retired gamer, a Final Fantasy addict, a lover of witty math jokes, a former member of no less than four concert bands…and Futurama is my favourite show ever.

thinkgeek talking bender figureThinkGeek is a store that features products for the geek in everyone, from futuristic food to musical clothing to toys and collectibles from the best known science fiction shows. I drool over the store’s amazing assortment of “geek gear” on a regular basis, but when I saw that ThinkGeek had a Toynami Futurama Talking Bender figure, I was in seventh heaven! I was thrilled when I got the chance to review it for myself.

Now anyone that has seen the show will know already that this is definitely NOT a children’s toy. Bender the robot’s favourite phrase happens to be, “Bite my shiny metal a**!” and while I find his antics to be incredibly amusing, they aren’t at all child-appropriate. But I didn’t want the Talking Bender for my boys. I wanted it for me!

The Toynami Talking Bender says twelve different phrases, has a complete bio on the box and even features three sets of interchangeable eyes so that Bender can express the many different emotions that robots experience (namely, anger, indifference and boredom). And as the icing on the cake, his ribcage opens just like it does on the show so that you can store tiny treasures inside! I’ve been using it as a little jewellery box; Bender is an infamous thief so it seemed appropriate!

Talking Bender would make the perfect gift for any fan of Futurama and is sure to provide loads of entertainment to adult audiences. The figure uses three included batteries and is a guaranteed conversation starter. I’ve been having a blast bombarding my husband with Bender-isms in the evenings after the kids are in bed!

The Toynami Talking Bender is one of my very favourite items and I’m so happy to have a store like ThinkGeek that lets me find fun memorabilia to satisfy my inner nerd. Check out the store’s amazing selection for yourself and enjoy items ranging from trendy tech to cheesy collectibles. You’re sure to find something that’s so geeky it’s cool!

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