Holiday Gift Guide-Balance Bike Trainer Kinderbike Balance Bike

Holiday Gift for Toddlers and Preschoolers

One of the best-loved gifts of all time has to be the new bicycle, and if you have a toddler or preschooler in the house, you may already be considering a balance bike as one of your child’s Christmas presents. Balance Bike Trainer has a huge assortment of the most popular brand-name balance bikes at amazing prices and is sure to have a balance bike that is perfect for your child.

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From Kinderbike to Boot Scoot, all the most popular brand-name bikes are available and are sure to make finding the perfect Christmas gift easy. I was given the chance to check out a stylish red Kinderbike Balance Bike and I couldn’t wait to see what my energetic two-year-old thought of it.

I loved how easy the assembly of the bike was. I just had to insert the handlebars and tighten them and my son was ready to ride. While he did get one or two chances to test the bike out in the great outdoors, a heavy snowfall soon moved his activity inside. But even indoors, he had a great time practicing his balance on the bike.

Balance bikes are designed to help youngsters learn to ride two-wheel bicycles sooner by giving them a safe way to develop the balance they will need to ride a pedal bike. I had heard many great things about the bikes in the past and I noticed a difference in Benjamin’s abilities within days. At just over two, he spent most of his time just walking the bike along, but he did occasionally try lifting up his legs for short periods.

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The Kinderbike is designed to be very low to the ground, which means that it minimizes the risk of injury and also is more appropriate for younger children. I really appreciated the low height of the bike; it made me feel much more secure about Benjamin using it. He had no trouble getting on and off the bike and really enjoyed scooting around on his own special two-wheeler!

My son is still some time away from being able to ride a pedal bike, but he’ll have a great start thanks to his balance bike. If you’re looking for an assortment of balance bikes that will make choosing the perfect bike easy, hop over to Balance Bike Trainer and check out the selection for yourself. Any young child would be sure to be delighted to wake up to a brand new balance bike under the tree this Christmas!

ARV: $45.99-$149.49

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  1. Great gift guide, there’s some wonderful ideas on there.I liked/learned that you can purchase colored wheels to make it special.I learned that these bikes are great for kids with special needs.this bike may be a great purchase for my little one.

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