Holiday Gift Guide-HEXBUG Nano Micro Robotic Creatures and Habitats

Holiday Gift for Kids

They’re fast. They’re colourful. They’ll have squeamish adults jumping in surprise. They’re HEXBUG Nanos, and they’re the hottest toy of the holiday season!

If you have tech-loving kids or bug-loving boys in your household, HEXBUG Nano micro robotic creatures are a gift that is sure to thrill and delight kids of all ages.

hexbug nano elevation habitat set

HEXBUG Nano critters are the biggest and best craze in nano-technology. The bugs themselves come in clever test-tube containers and are available in assorted designs for kids to collect.

Using a clever vibration technology, the bugs scoot, skitter and scurry in a random pattern over the floor, changing directions when they hit an obstacle and flipping over on their own if they accidentally end up on their backs.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! In addition to the HEXBUG Nanos themselves, kids can create an incredible Nano habitat with various multilevel play sets. Seeing the bugs running through the habitat is absolutely fascinating and sure to impress the bugs’ owner.

hexbug nano assortment

I was surprised and impressed with the educational value that HEXBUG Nanos provided. What I initially thought would be more of a “fun” toy actually had a wealth of opportunities for learning!

The best educational value was found in the habitats. The pieces are designed to be interchangeable and can be constructed in a variety of different ways. By combining the play sets, children can build huge mazes for their HEXBUG Nanos!

The bugs themselves are also a great chance for a little learning as they help encourage concepts like observation and experimentation. But when it comes right down to it, the true appeal of HEXBUG Nanos is that they are lots and lots of fun!

My five-year-old tester has a great time racing one bug against another, especially since the outcome is so difficult to predict. And my two-year-old has been endlessly intrigued by just watching the bugs scuttle around.

Even Dad loves watching the HEXBUG Nanos in their habitat! And for fun in the dark, there are Glows in the Dark HEXBUG Nanos and habitats too!

hexbug nano glows in the dark habitat set

HEXBUG Nano bugs and Habitat Sets are available at retailers across North America and are sure to result in non-stop excitement on Christmas morning.

For a fun and creative toy that takes robotics to a whole new level, check out HEXBUG Nanos for yourself! Kids young and old will be absolutely fascinated by these ingenious little robotic bugs!

ARV: $6.99-$59.99

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  1. I love the way that the tracks/habitats connect. My grandson would love creating his own designs.

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  2. I am a strong believer that technology not only makes the learning process much more fun, but it also creates allows a more hands-on experience for kids! If you are interested in other educational products for kids, I would check out our educational apps! :)

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