FunBites Food Cutters-Review and Giveaway

When I was a child, my mother really didn’t have a very hard time getting me to eat. I loved food and as far as I was concerned, everything she put on the table was delicious. Sadly, my oldest son does not take after me in this regard.

funbites cuttersZackary eats breakfast and lunch very well, but it is very rare that I make a dinner that he will even try. He turns up his nose at everything from stir-fry to lasagne and it drives me absolutely crazy.

So when I see a product that can turn a boring meal into a fun one, I leap all over it. And that’s just what FunBites were designed to do! FunBites cutters quickly and easily cut a variety of foods into bite-sized pieces that kids will love to pop in their mouths. I received the Cube It! and the Luv It! FunBites cutters to review and I couldn’t wait to see if they would encourage Zackary to eat a little better!

I first used a FunBites cutter on grilled cheese sandwiches, something that both of my boys liked anyways. I was concerned that the cutter might not work too well because of the melted cheese inside the sandwich, but I shouldn’t have worried. The FunBites cutter worked like a charm!

Using the tool was so easy. I put the sandwich on a plate, pressed the FunBites cutter down firmly, rocked it back and forth to ensure the FunBites had thoroughly cut through the bread and then used the handy insert section to push out the bite-sized pieces. It took just seconds and worked like a charm!

Zackary and Benjamin both loved their FunBites sandwiches and both boys ate two sandwiches instead of just having one like they normally do. It made me so excited to try using the FunBites cutters on other foods!

Since my first attempt, I’ve also used the FunBites cutters on cheese, different breads and some different types of fruit. I especially like using it on cheese slices because I often find that if Zackary starts to complain about the supper I’ve made, I can add a cute cut-out of bite-sized cheese squares to the top of his meal to encourage him to try it.

funbites on plateFunBites were released just ten weeks ago and they are already a huge hit with both children and parents across North America. These ingenious little cutters have been featured on television, on and on tons of other mom blogs because they’re both useful and very, very fun! And right now, you can get both the Cube It! and the Luv It! FunBites cutters for less than $20! Check out the FunBites Facebook page for all the latest FunBites news!

My sons both eat better when I use a FunBites cutter on their food and when the meal isn’t one that I can cut into bite-sized pieces, I make bite-sized garnishes for it instead! No matter how you use a FunBites cutter, it’s a great way to encourage even the pickiest eater to clean their plate!

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  1. i like the fact that this will make kids WANNA eat.. Especially the little picky eaters. They can have fun while eating.

  2. I love that they can make things by putting the shapes together! I would love the opportunity to say, go ahead, play with your food!

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