Pampers Canada- A New Facebook Page and a Pampers Cruisers Review-Giveaway

Isn’t it funny how babies at different ages need different types of diapers? When Zackary was a baby, I used disposables the entire time he wore diapers so I never really noticed the differences; I just naturally switched to different styles as he outgrew the styles for smaller babies. But Benjamin was exclusively cloth diapered from the time he was six months old. I loved cloth diapers and was so happy I had decided to use them…until he turned two and I realized that cloth diapers and active toddlers just don’t mix!

pampers canada facebook pictureFortunately, when I had found my baby’s diaper around his knees once too many times, Pampers was there for me with a diaper that was especially designed for active babies. Pampers Cruisers are a brand that I used often when Zackary was younger, but I had never really paid much attention to the way they fit before. Having just battled with cloth diapers that slid off as my baby ran or moved out of place when he jumped, I was paying a lot of attention to the fit of the Pampers Cruisers this time.

What makes these diapers so perfect for babies is the three-way fit. Pampers Cruisers are fitted around the waist, the legs and the bottom so that they stay in place and protect from leaks properly. I loved that my son could run around, slide down the stairs on his bottom, jump through the kitchen, crawl under the table and still have his diaper properly in place at the end of it all!

pampers cruisers boxPampers Cruisers are also nice and thin for easy transport. And thanks to the pictures of Elmo and other Sesame Street characters on the front, my son loves them too! He likes to look through the diapers and pick out the picture that he wants when the time comes for a diaper change.

I also received a container of Pampers Sensitive Wipes. I’ve used these wipes many times in the past and I love how gentle they are and how well they clean up even the worst messes. This container, however, wasn’t used on my baby’s bottom. For whatever reason, Benjamin has developed a huge aversion to baby wipes, so instead I use ordinary toilet paper and then give him a proper wash at night in the bath. The wipes sure didn’t go to waste though.

What I’ve always loved about baby wipes is that they are good for so many other things. They are great for spot-treating stains. They clean up sticky fingers in a flash. They can wipe down a questionable surface in a public place…in fact, my brother, who is a member of the Canadian military, asked for just one thing for Christmas last year…Pampers Baby Wipes! He said in the field, the soldiers never get enough water to shower properly, and so the men use baby wipes to clean themselves. He specifically requested Pampers wipes because he said they clean the best and smell better than other brands!

pampers canada skip hop diaper bagRecently, Pampers launched its Canadian Facebook page, which will feature tips, chats, product information and news for Canadian parents. And to celebrate this exciting event, Pampers Canada has an amazing giveaway just for you! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader will win a Skip Hop Deluxe diaper bag and changing pad, Pampers Diapers and Pampers Baby Wipes, a $120 value, from Pampers Canada!

I’m so glad that Pampers Cruisers work so well for my energetic little boy, and I’m very excited that when the time comes to move to Pampers Easy Ups, I’ll be able to get facts and advice from the brand new Facebook page! So why not visit Pampers Canada on Facebook and check out the latest news for yourself? And don’t forget to enter to win this amazing prize pack for a chance to experience firsthand what a big difference great fit makes in a diaper!

Buy It: Pampers Cruisers and other great Pampers products are available at major retailers across North America

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  1. I’d like to see realistic tips for new parents for dealing with sleep patterns, finicky eating and teething or other developmental stages. Also diapering tips for dealing with older babies such as those that are crawlers and very squirmy while changing. :)

  2. I would like to know which stores have sales on at any given time! I always kick myself when I buy diapers at one store, only to find them several dollars cheaper at another!

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