The Magic Carpet by Jodie Brownlee-Review

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved fantasy novels. Since that first moment when I picked up my mom’s copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I knew I had found a writing style that I would adore for the rest of my life. I was right. To this day, when I want a book that’s sure to entertain me, fantasy fiction is always my first choice. So when I got the chance to review The Magic Carpet by Jodie Brownlee, a young adult fantasy novel that was originally published by Scholastic Australia and has just been released in North America, I didn’t hesitate.

the magic carpet by jodie brownlee cover“Think Harry Potter meets Aladdin,” the quote from Books from our Backyard on the front cover pronounced. I love both of those stories and didn’t need any further encouragement to begin reading.

The Magic Carpet tells the story of Ruby, a twelve-year-old girl with a highly organized mother and a longing for spontaneous adventure. Unfortunately, her mother’s strict schedule leaves no time for adventures of any sort.

That is, until Ruby receives a letter from her grandmother that tells Ruby she is the proud new owner of a gorgeously exotic carpet currently being stored in Ruby’s attic. When Ruby enters the attic and examines her new treasure, she gets the spontaneous adventure that she always dreamed about when the carpet whisks her away to a desert oasis!

From outsmarting the cruel General that has recently taken power of the nearby village to meeting her extended family (all of whom happen to be genies), Ruby finds that adventure isn’t that hard to find when a magic carpet is helping to direct the action! But will she be clever and courageous enough to help her newly discovered family and the other residents of the village oasis defeat their oppressors once and for all?

Ruby’s story was exciting and instantly appealing to me. I didn’t stop reading until I had finished the book and I was so excited to see what would come next with every page I turned. Reading young adult novels make me feel like a teenager again, in a very good way. While I was reading The Magic Carpet, my imagination was soaring as high as the genies Ruby was lucky enough to meet.

This book is sure to please fantasy fans and would be a great choice for almost any tween or young teenaged girl. Ruby is a believable and appealing character and following her adventures is a great way to escape winter boredom, if only for a few hours. Check out the book for yourself and enjoy a story filled with magic, mystery, whimsy and wonder from Jodie Brownlee!

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