Get In Shape This Year with Skechers Fitness Footwear-Giveaway

We are officially through the first month of 2012 and if getting in shape was one of your goals, it may be time to step back, take a look at your progress and maybe make a change or two to help you stay motivated. And if you want to give yourself a reward for your hard work so far, why not indulge in some fabulous fitness footwear from Skechers?

women skechers pro resistace srrA good pair of shoes can mean the difference between a successful fitness regime and a return to couch-surfing so I was thrilled when I got the chance to review a pair of shoes from any one of Skechers fitness lines for myself. With shoes for everything from biking to walking to running to cross training, picking the perfect pair was no easy task. So I finally decided on the Women Pro Resistance SRR shoes.

These shoes are made for running, but they feature a design that make them great for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. And with a house full of kids and days filled with errands and activities, I definitely fit that description! (Not to mention the fact that the sweet black and pink style of these running shoes suited me perfectly!)

My favourite feature of the shoes was the patented SmartShoe technology. This is the ingenious feature that helps increase calorie burn and develop muscle tone just by wearing the shoes for everyday activities. What I noticed when I put them on was that standing took more effort since the rocker bottom of the shoe makes me expend more effort to stay balanced. But walking naturally propelled me forward and encouraged me to keep moving. That’s essentially what makes these shoes perfect for running shoes; the design makes forward motion the most comfortable action by encouraging a mid foot stride and the shoes also offer maximum shock absorption, which ensures that impact is minimized to reduce the injuries to the joints that can be so common among runners.

But the nice thing is that with the SmartShoe technology, the shoes are also great for everyday shoes. When I’m at home, they add a bit of extra calorie burning to my sedentary activities and when I head out the door to pick kids up, drop kids off or run errands downtown, they make the journey more comfortable! And because they’re so adorable, I find myself making excuses to head outside just so that I can put them on!

skechers fitness footwear collectionSkechers has an amazing collection of fitness footwear for all your favourite activities and whether you want to increase your cardiovascular endurance, strengthen your muscles or just burn some extra calories in the course of a busy day, Skechers has a pair of shoes that is perfect for you. Us busy moms don’t always have time to participate in an organized 30-minute workout. But with a good pair of fitness shoes and that never-ending to-do list, we can still get a proper amount of exercise in our day!

If you’re craving a fabulous new pair of workout shoes for yourself now, you’re in luck! Skechers is very generously offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers their choice of any one pair of shoes from Skechers fitness collections (Shape-ups, Tone-ups Fitness, Shape-ups LiV, GOrun, GOwalk, ProSpeed, ProTR, ProResistance, Tone-ups RUN)! One winner will be drawn on February 15 and the other will be drawn on February 29, so don’t miss out on your chance to kick-start your workout with a cute new pair of Skechers shoes!

If you’ve resolved to make 2012 a year to increase your physical activity or overall health, Skechers is there to help you reach your goals! So check out their adorable styles for yourself and find a pair of shoes that not only feels great but looks great too. You’ll love the comfort, technology and fashion that is a trademark of every single pair of Skechers fitness footwear!

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  1. I walk to work every day , even when its extremely cold out (I have a very long jacket then and scarf and great boots)

  2. To stay in shape in the winter months, I go for walks outside and also chase after my 2 year old son inside the house.

  3. Since I am not close to a gym, I walk outside when weather permits or on treadmill. I also do exercise when doing housework.

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