Start the New Year with a New Look from Nifty Creations by Jodi

In early January, I did something that I’ve wanted to do since I first started blogging…I got a total blog makeover! I am completely thrilled with my new look and that’s why I can’t wait to tell you about my amazing designer: Jodi from Nifty Creations by Jodi.

nifty creations by jodi bannerI found Nifty Creations by Jodi by looking for designers that had great looks and great prices to match. Some WordPress blog makeovers can cost more than one thousand dollars and while I wanted a new look, I didn’t want it THAT badly! Nifty Creations by Jodi had makeover packages for both Blogger and WordPress with prices that a stay-at-home mom could actually afford and Jodi’s portfolio of past site designs was stunning. So I offered to write a review about my blog makeover experience in exchange for a 30% discount on a design package and to my delight, Jodi loved the idea!

I went all out and got the total makeover, complete with a matching Facebook landing page and Twitter background. Graphics, of course, were a little extra and I hunted for quite some time to find ones that I liked. I also made sure that I gave Jodi as much detail as I could about my favourite colours, styles I liked and any other design elements I wanted.

Then it was time to sit back and watch the magic happen! Jodi uploaded the design to a test site so that I could check out the progress whenever I wanted and it was so much fun to see the different elements coming together. My favourite feature of the design was definitely the header. The avatar of my oldest son originally had much lighter colouring so I mentioned to Jodi that I would prefer the character had darker hair and eyes if possible. The results were perfect and Zackary loves looking at the online version of himself on my website!

What I loved most about the process was how Jodi was able to incorporate all of the things I loved into my design. She gave me the clean and functional look I wanted but still kept things very feminine because I mentioned I enjoyed pink and other “girly” colours. She was also able to set up the design so that I could incorporate some new ad sizes. And how cute is my new signature and favicon? Best of all, she made sure everything coordinated perfectly, from my buttons to my background to my Facebook page avatar!

If your blog is in need of a facelift as well, you’re in luck, because Jodi is currently offering all Mommy Kat and Kids readers the same incredible discount that I received, 30% off any services or package! The prices at Nifty Creations by Jodi are fabulous already and with this discount on top if it, there’s no better time to polish up the look of your blog!

And if you do decide to take the plunge, the best advice I can give is to be as specific as possible about what you want. If you like certain colours, mention them! If you need ad spaces within a certain area, let your designer know! And if there are a few blogs with a look you adore, forward the links to help create a feel for what you like. The more information you give, the more your designer will be able to create a look that’s completely perfect for you. Fortunately, Jodi knows that and is great about asking the right questions and collecting the right information to figure out your style!

I adore my new blog design from Nifty Creations by Jodi and I cannot recommend Jodi’s work highly enough. She did an incredible job designing my dream blog and now that I have it, I don’t think I’ll be changing it again for a long time. It has the easy-to-use functionality I want for my readers and still completely embodies who I am. Check out some of the great blog makeover packages for WordPress and Blogger for yourself and get a blog design that “says you!”

Buy It: Nifty Creations by Jodi is very generously offering Mommy Kat and Kids readers 30% off their online orders! Just mention this review when you place your order!

Disclaimer: I received a discount on my blog makeover in exchange for posting a review of my experience. Opinions expressed belong to Mommy Kat and Kids and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view full Terms of Use and Policies

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  1. Jennifer - Canadian Coupon Mom

    It looks great your new site Kathryn!! I am thinking about what I want for my new blog Marvelous Mommy Meals.. I will look into Jodi for prices thanks!

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