Stories in Music The Soldier’s Tale CD-Review and Giveaway

It’s no secret how much I love the Stories in Music series from Maestro Classics. Stunning classical music played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra is even better when paired with an amazing story and my boys and I have had hours of enjoyment listening to the discs that we’ve received so far.

maestro classics the soldier's tale box artThe Soldier’s Tale, which features the music of Igor Stravinsky, is the latest release in this award-winning series. The story is a bit dark and the themes are a little mature for younger children. But they certainly weren’t too mature for me and so while my boys didn’t listen to this particular CD, I stepped in and reviewed it myself.

The story is such a classic one; the tale of a soldier making deals with the devil is a theme that has captivated imaginations for centuries. Stravinsky and the Swiss poet Ramuz created The Soldier’s Tale for a small travelling company and the music is so much a part of the story that I really think one would seem incomplete without the other.

Of course, like all the CDs in the Stories in Music series, the music and story are just the beginning of the fun and educational content included with each CD! The set also includes an interactive storybook containing an illustrated synopsis of The Soldier’s Tale, a brief biography of Igor Stravinsky’s life, a crossword puzzle and much more!

The CD itself also has plenty of extra content. From a breakdown of the music by conductor Stephen Simon to an absolutely ingenious modern dance remix of Stravinsky’s music by The Amazing Baz, there is so much more to The Soldier’s Tale than just a story with a soundtrack. It really is a musical journey, and I enjoyed every minute of it. And the enlightening commentary on the life of Stravinsky by Bonnie Simon was the icing on the cake!

The Soldier’s Tale would be a great choice for a family with older children; the engaging plot of the story is sure to keep them entertained and the modern dance remix of the music is a great way to get tweens and teens really listening to to what they’re hearing. Check out the newest release from Maestro Classics for yourself and get ready to enjoy adventure, excitement and some of the most beloved music of all time!

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