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If there’s something that I adore, it’s a product that lets me express my individuality. Yes, I like trendy things. Yes, I like useful things. But things that are perfectly and completely me, even when I’m constantly changing my style? Those are the things I love! That’s why Modify Watches immediately caught my eye. These clever watches feature an assortment of watchbands and an assortment of removable faces. By mixing and matching the two, it’s possible to create an endless assortment of watches to suit any mood and match any outfit.

modify watches assortmentI was able to choose one face and two bands to test out for myself and I couldn’t wait. The watches come in two different sizes, and after a lot of deliberation, I decided to choose the light pink and black watchbands and the silver watch face in the MINIstyle. When the package arrived, I pulled it out eagerly.

The smaller size was still quite large and if you have small hands or thin wrists, it is definitely the one I would recommend. I decided to try out the light pink band first, so I picked up the glitzy silver face and put it into the band.

The bands are made of comfortable and flexible silicone, so putting the face into the band is basically just a matter of stretching the band in place around the watch face. There are two plastic tabs on either end of the watch face that fit into slits in the watchband to hold the face in place. Switching the bands from one to the other was quick, easy and fun!

modify watches face and band

I really loved the light pink band for casual wear and it became my usual daytime watch. The silicone band was very comfortable and I loved the way the light pink added a touch of femininity to my look. My original plan was that the black watchband would be used for slightly dressier occasions when a striking light pink watchband just wouldn’t be suitable. I found after I received it that the black silicone wasn’t really dressy enough for a fancy outfit, but it was perfect for a girl’s night out or a trendy dance party look!

The versatility of these watches really makes them stand out to me and with special limited edition faces and straps featuring bright neon colours, polka dots and even fun sports characters, it really is possible to create tons of looks that are perfect for you. Check out the styles for yourself and enjoy being able to change your look in a minute with Modify Watches!

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