Breeze Through Your Painting Projects with a Little Help From SHUR-LINE-Giveaway

shur-line products in useLiving in a century-old house means that we are always renovating and as a result, we do a lot of painting compared to most families. In fact, since we bought my childhood home almost two years ago, we’ve painted practically every room in the original part of the house. And with an unfinished addition to make liveable as well, we’re going to have a lot of painting in our future too!

For the most part, it’s an easy job. But high ceilings, awkward corners and messy cleanup can make painting more challenging. That’s why I was thrilled when I got the chance to check out some of the brand painting products from SHUR-LINE. These painting supplies are designed to make painting a fun and easy experience and I couldn’t wait to see what they were like.

shur-line extendable paint poleThe first product that caught my eye was the clever SHUR-LINE Easy Release Roller Cover Frame. There’s nothing that exciting about most paint rollers, but this one really was something special. It featured a clever easy release trigger to minimize mess when changing rollers. I just pulled the lever and the roller popped out so that I could remove it quickly and cleanly. And the ergonomic handle made painting so comfortable!

The SHUR-LINE Extendable Paint Pole was just as handy, and an especial favourite with my husband. The pole screwed into the bottom of the Easy Release Roller Cover Frame in seconds to create a thirty-inch pole to reach higher areas. And by pressing a button on the top of the pole, I could extend the pole even further. With five different extension lengths up to a maximum of sixty inches, this was a tool that was perfect for our high-walled living room. And my husband loved the fact that he could paint ceilings so easily now!

shur-line edgerThe final SHUR-LINE product we received was the Edger. This clever hand-held painting tool was the one that I found the most useful and I fell in love with it almost immediately. My husband has a steady hand and has no problem carefully painting around doors and windows or along the bottoms and tops of walls. I, on the other hand, am notorious for messing up these areas and smearing paint on baseboards and casings. But with the SHUR-LINE Edger, those days were finally behind me! I simply had to lift the plastic guides at the top of the edger, dip the pad into my paint, click the guides back down again and then follow the edges of doors, windows, baseboards and ceilings with the front of the Edger. And just like that, I could create the perfect edge I’d always wanted!

Painting was never something that we minded too much; seeing each room improve as we worked on it was well worth the time and effort. But now the experience has become even more enjoyable thanks to these great new painting tools from SHUR-LINE. If you have home renovations in your future, SHUR-LINE is sure to make the job easier. Check the tools out for yourself and give your house a fresh look for spring!

Buy It: SHUR-LINE painting tools are available at Home Depot, Home Hardware and Lowes stores across Canada

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  1. I would finally finish our bathroom that my husband started and 3 months later it’s still ‘under construction’

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