Join the Mothers Against Naked Riding Campaign with Tail Wags Helmet Covers-Review and Coupon Code

Right at the end of last summer, Zackary mastered riding a two-wheeler so I can’t wait for the snow to melt so that we can get out and ride our bikes together! Whether we pack up a whole picnic lunch to head out into the wilderness or just go for a quick ride around town, there’s one thing we always bring along when we head out for a bike ride…our helmets!

manr logoYes, I grew up doing crazy stunts, racing down steep hills and never, ever thinking about putting on a helmet when I rode my bike. Back in the eighties, that was pretty much the norm. But we know much more now about how damaging even a minor head injury can be and so I always lead by example now by making sure that when I hop on my bike, I have a helmet on my head and so does everyone else in our family.

That’s why the Mothers Against Naked Riding Campaign really struck a chord with me. The campaign has some wonderful initiatives, such as:

  • Giving tips for making helmet-wearing FUN.
  • Offering helmet safety information.
  • Posting updates regarding changes to helmet safety laws.
  • Promoting helmet safety by playing an advocacy role.
  • Providing a site for moms to share their stories and passion with respect to helmet safety.

Essentially, M.A.N.R. wants to spread the word that if you’re riding without a helmet, you might as well be riding naked! Check out the campaign video; it’s very cute!

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure that your kids aren’t “riding naked” is to make wearing a helmet fun and the creators of the safety campaign, Tail Wags Helmet Covers, have a great way to do that! This company’s innovative covers turn that boring old helmet into a fun and funky head covering that kids are sure to get excited about wearing!

I received a Tail Wags Helmet Cover for each of my boys and I was so excited to see what they were like. I let the boys choose the ones they wanted and I was so happy when they picked covers with a similar theme; Zackary chose a Gulp the Piranha helmet cover and Benjamin picked a Spike the Puffer Fish one. When they arrived, I immediately fell in love both with the cute designs and with how easy the Tail Wags Helmet Covers were to use! Some of the covers come in different sizes, but the ones that Zackary and Benjamin chose were made of Lycra and featured a one-size-fits-all design that I really appreciated.

I pulled the covers over the helmets and adjusted the elastic that ran around the edge to hold the covers in place. Then I let the boys try out their new, fancy headgear!

Both of them loved their newly adorned helmets and Benjamin’s spiky design was an especial hit. Even though my boys wear their helmets without complaining, they were definitely more excited to put them on when their Tail Wags Helmet Covers were in place!

Benjamin in Tail Wags helmet cover

Tail Wags wants to help make wearing a helmet fun for your kids too, so they very generously offering Mommy Kat and Kids readers 10% off their online orders! Just use coupon code mommykat when purchasing!

I love Tail Wags’ mission to prevent injuries and the Mothers Against Naked Riding Campaign is such a great way to do that! I’m happy that when the snow melts and spring arrives, I’ll be able to watch my boys proudly showing off their Tail Wags Helmet Covers and rest easy knowing that they’re not “riding naked!” Check out all the campaign details for yourself and join the movement to end naked riding once and for all!

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15 thoughts on “Join the Mothers Against Naked Riding Campaign with Tail Wags Helmet Covers-Review and Coupon Code”

  1. We’ve always put a huge emphasis on the kids wearing their helmuts, no excuses. They never complain about it or try to get away with it. I’m glad too because the injuries can happen so quickly and I couldn’t imagine life without my babies!

    1. YES Shash! That’s exactly the method we use too. There are no arguments, because both boys know they either wear their helmets or they don’t ride their bikes! :)

  2. I too grew up in the age of no helmets. Nowadays especially in the city your really not smart not to wear one. It’s one law nobody should break – for safety’s sake! My kids don’t get on. A bike unless they are properly wearing a helmet.

    1. Agreed, Alyssa! My boys don’t even argue about it because they know it’s not up for debate; it’s the same thing with their seatbelts. I’m so lucky that my boys don’t even think to argue or whine about it!

  3. Aren’t they awesome? My girls don’t fight anymore when it comes to helmet wearing….how could they when their friends ask whee the gladiator helmet is

    1. Julie, that is SO cool that they have gladiator helmets! Love it! :) I can’t wait to see the great reaction my boys get cruising around in their “Under the Sea” helmets!

  4. That’s cool!

    You know what really irks me when people hear about a new safety guideline? I’m sick of hearing “We all did that when we were young and we turned out fine.” Just because YOU (general you) didn’t get brain damage when you didn’t wear a helmet doesn’t mean that wearing a helmet doesn’t save lives.

    1. Kathleen, I know exactly what you mean! I have a little pregnancy book from when my mom was pregnant with me, and it says, and I quote, “It is USUALLY best to avoid alcohol when you are pregnant, as it can affect your sense of balance and you may fall and injure yourself or your baby.” Yet I can’t imagine anyone today saying, “Well, I had wine every night during my pregnancy back in the eighties, and everything turned out fine!” Honestly, we are learning new things as a society every day, so if there are new safety guidelines that come out, I’m going to learn from them and say goodbye to past behaviour, not cling to dangerous past habits!!

  5. Just about as important as wearing a helmet is ensuring it fits properly. The picture you posted does not show a proper fit: the front brim should be no more than 2 finger-widths above the eyebrows.

    1. Excellent point! Yes, my son was not wearing the helmet to go bike-riding; he was merely modeling his new helmet cover (it is, winter, after all!) so we didn’t adjust the straps, but that’s very true that correct fit is incredibly important! The general rule is that there should be no more than two fingers width between the eyebrows and the helmet, and no more than two fingers should be able to be slipped between the chin and the helmet strap. Thanks for bringing that up :)

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