Make Computer Time Safer with the Chatman Interactive Buddy

Your kids want to play on the computer but you’re worried about the potential dangers of the Internet. You want them to have access to all the educational experiences that technology has to offer them but you also want to make sure that their entertainment isn’t going to expose them to objectionable material or potentially dangerous interaction with strangers. What do you do?

You call on Chatman! Chatman is the latest tech toy for older children and he is designed to make the online experience as safe and entertaining as possible! Zackary is a little below the recommended minimum age of eight years but he’s had a fair bit of exposure to computers so I knew that he would appreciate a lot of the fun features Chatman had to offer. I let him play around with Chatman for a few days and then he helped me make a quick video about some of Chatman’s main features. Check it out!

Zackary mainly used Chatman’s basic gaming, video and virtual chatting features, but if your child is older, Chatman can do so much more! He can connect the user to the most popular social networks including Facebook and Skype and then comment on the online conversations taking place. He can be programmed with reminders about important events and meetings. And he responds to interaction with over 2,000 different phrases. You can even teach Chatman how to respond to new words. And how cool is it that Chatman gives kids access to homework help on a huge variety of subjects with just a few clicks of the mouse!

While my boys loved Chatman’s fun personality and Zackary enjoyed all the different videos, games and websites he could explore using Chatman’s online software, what I loved most about this interactive toy was the fact that it was designed to be safer for my child since the makers of the Chatman platform work hard to make sure that there is no unsafe or offensive material and alerts children if a website or a conversation contains inappropriate content. Best of all, as a parent, I had the ability to adjust those setting to prevent searches containing inappropriate keywords or even prevent Zackary from using the Internet at all except through the monitored Chatman platform.

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The Chatman Interactive Online Buddy is available at and other select online retailers. And for the latest news and information about Chatman, make sure to stop by the Chatman Facebook page! Zackary loves his Chatman friend and for the present he spends all of his computer time using the Chatman software. But I’m happy to know that when he gets older he’ll be able to use Chatman to interact online a little more safely. If you have older children in the house and want a way to make sure that they can work, play and explore online without fear, this is a toy that you should be considering. It’s easy to use, fun and helps monitor your child’s online activity!
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2 thoughts on “Make Computer Time Safer with the Chatman Interactive Buddy”

  1. Wow, This thing looks so cool. My son is almost 8 and loves to get on the computer but I really worry about the safety of playing games where you can chat. I am defintely going to look into the Chatman

    1. Thanks Mellisa! It IS cool; I love that it has the Facebook and Skype integration for older kids as well as the games, videos and so forth for younger kids. Right now Zackary doesn’t really use it to its full capacity but in a few years this little guy is going to be an essential!

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