First Year of Coca-Cola’s Arctic Home Campaign Raises More Than Two Million Dollars

coca-cola white holiday canIn October of last year, I shared the news about the Artic Home campaign: Coca-Cola’s commitment to the World Wildlife Foundation to donate two million dollars over the next five years and match donations made on to help preserve the Arctic and protect the habitat of Canada’s polar bears.

Now, after the close of the first year of Arctic Home, over $2 million has been donated to WWF! This includes the $1.8 million raised by fans and Coca-Cola from the campaign as well as the $400,000 first year instalment from Coca-Cola’s five-year pledge. With a goal of raising ten million dollars over the next five years, the WWF is well on its way to meeting its goal thanks to customers like you!

I think the amount of money raised is just incredible, so let’s keep that support coming and let’s ensure that one of the most beautiful and valuable habitats on earth is preserved for future generations. The Arctic ecosystem needs our help and support. Visit the WWF website and learn how you can help protect the home of the polar bears!

2 thoughts on “First Year of Coca-Cola’s Arctic Home Campaign Raises More Than Two Million Dollars”

  1. I am happy to hear they raised that much, I think we can do better! Polar Bears are majestic creatures and we owe them a better enviroment, since it’s the human race who is destroying it! But an awesome start makes me have a renewed faith in people:) Thanks for posting!

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