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If there’s one childhood characteristic that I want to nurture in my boys as much as I possibly can, it’s imagination. And so I love finding shows for my children that inspire imagination. The two latest children’s DVD releases from eOne Films do just that and I was very excited when I got to check them out with my boys.

The first DVD we watched was Dino Dan: Ready? Set? Dino! My boys are big fans of Dino Dan already so they were very excited to watch a new collection of Dino Dan episodes. Here’s a brief synopsis:

dino dan ready set dino box art

Follow the adventures of a palaeontologist–training Dan Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs into the real world! Combines live action with CGI dinosaurs! Join Dan as he races a T-rex and a Spinosaurus to see who’s a faster carnivore, makes dancing in gym class fun using different dinosaur movements, and learns all about teamwork from his dinosaur pals. Dan uses the scientific method to gather clues and solve mysteries. Ready? Set? Dino! is an action-packed adventure full of discovery!

The DVD features eight great episodes and as usual, my boys were enraptured by every one of them. Zackary especially loves this show; he really enjoys documentaries and the combination of a boy that imagines dinosaurs in the real world and the true facts about dinosaurs that the episodes always contain are a winning combination with him!

Stella and Sam was a new show for us and we couldn’t wait to check it out on the new Stella and Sam: Follow Me DVD. The story of a fearless big sister and her slightly less outgoing little brother sounded like lots of fun for my own pair! Here’s a synopsis of the disc:

stella and sam follow me box art

Independent, brave, adventurous, Stella has something to say about everything – the best kind of big sister…especially when your name is Sam and you’re eager to explore the world and learn all that it has to offer! When Stella explains things to her little brother, what she says can be plausible or preposterous. And whatever it is she says, you can be certain that it will make you smile. What as Stella, the irrepressible redhead, and her slightly apprehensive little brother Sam take on the wonders of the world and explore the endearing, intimate scenes of young childhood.

I instantly fell in love with this series based on the books of Marie-Louise Gay and my boys enjoyed it too. They loved the way that Stella could take an ordinary problem or situation and find an extraordinary solution for it! Whether the kids were creating their very own circus or building with boxes, they were always having fun and using their imaginations while they did!

If you’re like me and you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Stella and Sam before, why not check out this great video about the behind-the-scenes adventures of Stella and Sam? It’s so cute to see how the talented children that create the voices of Stella and Sam make the characters come to life!

These titles are great for both older and younger children and are sure to inspire some great imaginative play. If you’ve been looking for a new DVD collection for your own little dreamer, check out these fun new releases from eOne Films for yourself!

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  1. We love ‘Stella and Sam’.

    The Rafflecopter calls me ‘Margot’ since it is accessing my facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’.

  2. My 4 year old twins Love Dino Dan. I’ll have to check out Stella and Sam. This is the second time in the past month I’ve seen it mentioned and I’d never heard of it previously.

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