Easy Dinosaur Train Picture Frame Craft from Quilting Treasures

Near the end of March I received some fun Dinosaur Train fabric so that I could try some of the crafts from Quilting Treasures for National Craft Month. I loved the fact that the fabric crafts were simple enough for a child (or a crafter of minimal skill like me) to create and still get great results. Since Benjamin is such a big fan of the show, I decided to make him his very own Dinosaur Train Fabric Fun Picture Frame.

Fabric Fun Picture Frame


  • One picture mat and backing cardboard (any size)
  • 45512 H Dinosaur Footprints fabric, at least 2 inches larger than mat on all sizes
  • Scissors
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Ribbon or Rickrack for picture Frame hanger
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker
  • Optional: Buttons, trim


Place fabric right side down on table. Center mat in the middle of the fabric and trace around the inside and outside edges. Remove the mat and draw lines 1” around outside edge and 1” inside the mat opening. See Illustration.

picture frame craft illustrationCut fabric on the further outside line. Cut out center along the innermost line. Cut from the inner corners of the opening to the corner of the inside edge of the frame.

Put double sided tape along the outer edges of one side of the frame. Lay fabric right side down on the table. Place the frame with tape right side down, centered over the fabric and opening. Press down.

Put double sided tape along the outside edges of the frame back. Pull the fabric around from the sides, smoothing and then pressing onto tape. Pull top and bottom edges in the same manner.

Put double sided tape on the frame around the inside photo area. Smooth and press fabric on to the tape.

Put double sided tape on the outside edges of the sides and one end of the cardboard back. Leave one end open so that the photo can be inserted.

Trim and embellish as desired. Hang with ribbon or display inside another picture frame.

This craft really was quick and easy and it would have worked great with a simple wooden or cardboard frame but since I had an old picture frame around anyways, I decided to give it new life by turning it into a funky fabric frame for Benjamin. The double-sided tape made the process quick and easy and I really liked the fact that it was a no-sew craft.

dinosaur train fabric fun picture frame
It was so simple to wrap the fabric around the frame and secure it to the tape!

When the picture frame was complete, I placed the glass back into the frame and Curtis printed off a picture of Buddy and his friends to go into it. The finished picture looked so cute and I knew Benjamin would be excited to wake up and see it on his wall. The creation of the frame from start to finish took only about twenty minutes and the result was adorable!

finished dinosaur train fabric fun picture frame
Twenty minutes after picking up the scissors, the picture frame is done!

Quilting Treasures has some other great crafts that you can create to turn your child’s room into a Dinosuar Train hangout so check them out for yourself! Choose from a lampshade, book covers, a bulletin board or even a Dinosaur Train quilt! These fabrics are only available for a limited time so don’t miss out on the chance to give your favourite little paleontologist’s room a Dinosaur Train makeover!
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