Earth’s Best Organic Sleepytime Lotion Helps Relax Your Baby with a Soothing Nighttime Routine-Giveaway

At the end of a busy day, it can be hard to get kids calmed down and ready for bed. There are a few different things that can help infants and toddlers to prepare for sleeping. Sticking to daily routine, enjoying a half-hour of quiet time before bed and dimming the lights are all tried-and-true ways of setting the mood for bedtime. And to really help relax your little one, why not try a little aromatherapy?

earth's best organic sleepytime lotion chamomileEarth’s Best Organic’s new Sleepytime Lotion in Chamomile was especially designed to help prepare babies and children for sleep with a lightweight bedtime formula and calming botanicals. And like all Earth’s Best products, the lotion is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, pththalates, SLS and mineral oil. I was so excited to try this gentle new lotion and see how my boys liked it!

The first thing I noticed about this lotion was how nice and light the formula was. It was a little thinner than most of the lotions that my boys have used, which meant that it absorbed into their skin very quickly. Since they usually apply lotion after getting out of the bath, they really appreciated being able to get into their pyjamas a little quicker!

The scent of the Earth’s Best Organic Sleepytime Lotion was unique, but very pleasant. Most bedtime lotions that I’ve seen in the past have used lavender as the scent so I was intrigued by the use of Chamomile instead. It was a mild and slightly sweet aroma, perfect for relaxing at bedtime. And it left my boys’ skin so soft and smooth! If you want to see if your kids like this quick-absorbing lotion as much as mine did, you’re in luck because Earth’s Best is offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own bottle of the new Sleepytime Lotion in Chamomile!

I really enjoyed using the Sleepytime Lotion in Chamomile at bedtime and while I can’t be sure that it helped my boys get to sleep quicker, it was a great way to moisturize and protect their skin and help them relax and prepare for bed. They both enjoyed using the lotion and putting it on after a bath is something that they’re quick to remind me about if I forget! If your little ones have trouble relaxing at bedtime, give it a try and help your precious darlings unwind with the natural scent of chamomile!

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87 thoughts on “Earth’s Best Organic Sleepytime Lotion Helps Relax Your Baby with a Soothing Nighttime Routine-Giveaway”

  1. Well my favorite is to read them a chapter from a storybook every night before bed.. They love it and it tends to calm them down. Thanks

  2. My favorite bedtime ritual is I give my boys a nice warm bath then dress them in warm pjs, read them a bedtime story, say our prayers then they usually fall to sleep within 10-15 mins!!

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  3. Every night we play a game of “monster” and crawl on our hands and knees chasing our toddler son around and around his crib and catch him several times before we tuck our giggling little boy into his toddler bed. It’s so much fun and always nice that he goes to bed happy. :)

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