Get Girly with Safe and Eco-Friendly Nail Polish for Kids and Adults from Lavish & Lime-Giveaway

scotch naturals geranium polishMy daughters and I love our girl time.  We pull out the curling iron, hair accessories, lipstick and nail polish at least once every couple of weeks.  But by the time I’ve done my own nails and both of the girls’ I worry about the amount of chemicals they may have inhaled in the process.  It’s always a hassle to make sure the windows are open and the bottles are screwed shut as tightly as possible.  So naturally I was excited to learn about a line of nail polish for adults and children that is totally safe AND environmentally friendly, Scotch Naturals for adults and Hopscotch Kids for children, both available at the Canadian eco-boutique Lavish & Lime.

I think my 4-year-old Anna was the most excited to see our package had arrived and of course we had to open it at once.  We sat down on the floor, chose our colours and got started.  I was impressed right away with how smoothly the water-based polish went on; it is thin enough to apply easily but still covers well in one coat.  With a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, drying time is always a challenge as well, but the Hopscotch Kids children’s polish was dry within a minute of application!

hopscotch kids polish assortmentWhat’s more is that the children’s sample also included a safe and natural Soy Polish Remover.  I didn’t want to take off their nice fresh nail polish so I just tried it on one of my own nails, thinking, “Can this stuff really work?”  Sure enough, with only slightly more pressure than I usually need with my chemical laden brand, the polish was off. Finally my girl has a polish remover she can actually use on her own without me worrying about any chemicals coming in contact with her sensitive skin.

I was so impressed with the products I received so I eagerly went onto the Lavish & Lime website to see what other eco-friendly goodies I might discover.  Of course, I became engrossed in that activity for quite some time, discovering things like reusable lunch packaging, cleaning products and even art supplies, all of which are environmentally friendly.  And from now through April 22, you can save 20% on your online order and receive a FREE compostable toothbrush using coupon code #EARTH. I invite you to visit the site and see what eco-friendly products you might like to implement into your household. After all, it’s almost Earth Day!

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  1. I would definitely try the natural cosmetics. I love makeup but have been greatly disturbed lately by all the negative reports of metals and chemicals in them! It’s not easy to find alternatives though, but these look great!

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