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I love trying brand-new beauty products but I really don’t have the budget to be able to buy every new cosmetic, perfume and body care product that comes out, as much as I would like to! That’s why the concept of the Luxe Box from Loose Button was so intriguing to me. The company launched in early 2011 and became a hit almost instantly by offering consumers a monthly subscription that delivered a box of the latest deluxe beauty samples to their door each and every month. I got the chance to review a March Edition Luxe Box and I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about.

loose buttonluxe boxThe first thing I noticed when the box arrived was how absolutely stunning the presentation was. The sleek black box was so much fun to open and I was delighted to see the contents nestled in pretty tissue paper and the personalized card and seal that had been placed inside. There was even a unique seed card that could be planted to grow flowers!

The box contained J. R. Watkins Lavender Hand and Body Lotion, Cargo Glitter Top Coat, a Cargo Eye Shadow Single and three sample vials of perfume. I was excited to see that CK one Shock for Her was one of the samples; I used to be a huge fan of CK perfumes but I haven’t used one in ages. I unpacked my samples and headed to the bathroom to try them out.

The product I was most excited about was the Cargo Glitter Top Coat; I love glitz and glam so having a sparkling topcoat eyeliner for special occasions was thrilling. I wore the eyeliner to the Saskatchewan Publisher’s Guild spring reception and I loved the extra sparkle it added to my eyes. The waterproof formula was a little sticky when I first applied it but once it had dried it lasted all night and helped keep my eye makeup looking perfect.

The Cargo Eye Shadow Single was actually a double; it had two complementing colours in one sleek metal compact. It didn’t look nearly as fun as the glitter top coat initially but once I had tried it, I fell in love with the subtle colours. They were perfect for everyday use and the brown shade was the ideal colour for lining my lower lashes when I was creating a smoky eye look.

The J. R. Watkins Lavender Hand and Body Lotion was a favourite almost at once. I adore the scent of lavender and Watkins products are so effective and gentle. The natural oils in the organic formula left my hands so nice and soft. But what I was most excited to experiment with was the three different perfumes that I had received.

contents of my march luxe box

I tried out the Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume first. It was a rich floral scent that had a touch of appealing sweetness to it. I loved wearing it on the days when my husband and I had something romantic planned. The CK one Shock for Her was a much more playful and exciting scent. The blend of passion flower, blackberry and vanilla was fruity, fun and great for wearing every day. But the scent that I loved most was the one I tried last, the Mark Jacobs Oh, Lola! perfume. It was a stunning combination of pear, raspberry and magnolia blended with sandalwood and while it was a flirty and youthful fragrance I also found it to be very opulent. It was a perfume I could really see making my signature scent.

I had so much fun with my Loose Button Luxe Box. It was a great way to test out new products without spending a fortune buying full-sized items and it really gave me an idea about which perfumes and beauty products I might want to buy again. The Cargo Glitter Top Coat will be in my cosmetic bag permanently from now on and I’ll likely be getting a bottle of Mark Jacobs Oh, Lola! when my sample bottle is empty!

The Loose Button Luxe Box program is so popular that subscriptions are currently sold out, but don’t despair! You can sign up to be put on the waiting list and you’ll receive a notification email as soon as a spot opens up! With a cost of only $12 per month, treating yourself to a Luxe Box subscription is a great affordable way to enjoy some much-deserved luxury every single month. Visit Loose Button to learn more about the program and add yourself to the waiting list; when you get that first gorgeous personalized box full of fun beauty products, you’ll be glad you did!

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