Tips for Feeding Your Toddler from Earth’s Best Organic

baby and appleFeeding a toddler is nothing if not interesting! Whether you’re trying to convince your picky princess to try a new food or are dealing with a fussy son’s tendency to throw most of his food on the floor, adventurous doesn’t even begin to cover the experience. But this isn’t just the time when children learn to feed themselves, it’s also the time when they develops healthy eating habits that will last their whole lives.

As my regular readers will know, I am an Earth’s Best Blogger and one of the perks of the program is that I get to share great articles and resources from Earth’s Best with my readers. To help get you through this important stage of your child’s development, Earth’s Best Organic has a great article with some tips and guidelines for feeding your toddler. I liked the idea of making food more attractive to toddlers by arranging bite-sized pieces in a fun pattern. I was also surprised to learn that the four most common deficiencies in toddlers are iron, folate, zinc and calcium. While iron deficiency is something that I hear quite a bit about, I have to admit that I didn’t really expect many toddlers to have calcium deficiencies!

The article can be found on the Earth’s Best website and is a must-read for any mother of a toddler. Nutritionist Sue Gilbert wrote the article and she really knows her topic! I appreciated having guidelines about what actually constitutes a serving for a toddler and knowing exactly how much of the different food groups a toddler needs every day. Check it out for yourself and get some great tips for making the adventure of feeding your toddler a little easier!

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