Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Cupboard Doors

man fixing cupboard doors
When we moved into our century-old house, the badly stained and worn cupboard doors were all off and awaiting refinishing. Now finally, thanks to my wonderful husband, my disorganized cupboards are where they belong; hidden behind doors!

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39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday with Linky-Cupboard Doors”

    1. Oh, lucky! When hubby did the bottom ones, our house was so full of sawdust; I would WAY rather have been elsewhere! lol These ones he did in his workshop so at least there wasn’t much mess!

    1. Oh my gosh, it feels amazing! Hubby did the bottom cupboard doors last year but the top has been without doors since shortly after I moved out when I was a teenager, so that’s a LONG time with no doors! lol Having them seems so surreal I almost can’t really appreciate it yet!

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