Luxurious and Fuel-Efficient Family Driving Comes Standard on the 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

When my family took the 2012 Ford Focus for a test-drive a few weeks ago, I mentioned that while it was a sleek, affordable and technologically-advanced option for a commuter car, a college car or a couple, it didn’t quite have the roominess I would ideally want in a regular family vehicle. That’s one of the reasons I was especially excited when we got to test out the 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid from Ford Canada last week. The car that had earned the title of the most fuel-efficient mid-sized luxury sedan in Canada seemed like a great choice for regular family driving and I was excited to see if it might fulfill my long list of requirements that the perfect family car “has to have.”

2012 Lincoln MKZ HybridWhen my husband headed to the dealership to pick up the car, he got quite the shock when he turned the key and nothing happened. He headed back into the dealership to tell them that the vehicle wouldn’t start. And that’s how our family got its first introduction to driving a Hybrid vehicle! When the key is turned, the battery kicks in first and the gasoline engine starts up only when necessary. It’s a very surreal experience to hear no noise whatsoever as the car first drives forward!

This car is significantly roomier than the Ford compacts and for our family of four it had just the right amount of space for our regular family activities. Whether we were packing up Zackary’s ball equipment to head over to a game or filling the trunk on our weekly family grocery trip, we always had plenty of space to tote around our boys and our gear in comfort.

Of course, the downside of a mid-sized vehicle is that the gas consumption is usually noticeably higher but since the MKZ we tested was a Hybrid vehicle, that wasn’t a concern! In fact, in one week of regular driving, the vehicle used only $30 of gas! Driving a Hybrid takes a little bit of an adjustment; there are two different gauges to measure the fuel and the battery power and an indicator light to let the driver know which resource is currently being used to power the vehicle. My husband spent some time studying the dash to ensure that he was reading the various gauges correctly but once he’d gotten used to the MKZ, he absolutely loved the power and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

2012 lincoln mkz dashboardAnd of course, the 2012 Lincoln MKZ came with the same newly redesigned MyFord Touch system as Ford’s other most popular vehicles so that climate, navigation, entertainment and phone management could all be controlled with the clever touch screen, the steering wheel controls or the voice activation. For a regular family vehicle, it really did offer the best of all possible worlds.

The 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a little pricey, but the comfort, convenience and fuel efficiency it provides makes it worth the extra expense if having a comfortable and versatile family car is a priority for your family. Why not stop by your local Ford dealership, check it out and see if it might be the perfect family vehicle you’ve been wanting!

Disclaimer: I was loaned the 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid media fleet vehicle for one week to review. All opinions belong to Mommy Kat and Kids and have not been influenced in any way. Please view full Terms and Policies.

24 thoughts on “Luxurious and Fuel-Efficient Family Driving Comes Standard on the 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid”

    1. It sure was! But then, all of the Ford vehicles kind of are! Parking themselves, voice activation, hybrid engines, leather interiors…it makes me feel like a princess for the week we’re driving it! lol

  1. it would be amazing to have a hybrid! think of the savings! I love that there is no noise when it’s starts, I didn’t know that, I totally would have went back in for help too! lol

  2. WOW amazing! I actually drive a FORD Lincoln Navigator! It’s AMAZING! I love it! I would love to test drive the Hybrid! I am a wee bit jealous! LOL! Thanks for sharing! @InRdream

  3. I’m so excited now because I am going to be test driving the Lincoln Hybrid next week! It looks really amazing and with the leases coming up on both of our family cars, we are looking for something the whole family can enjoy! Thanks for the review!

    1. Oh you lucky man! You’ll have a blast; I was sorry when the week ended with this one! Especially since we saved so much in gas! :) I can’t wait to hear how you like it!

    1. lol! That’s so funny Amanda! I resisted getting a mini van for the longest time but after we had one, I totally fell in love with how spacious it was! If you’re moving from that to a car, this would definitely be the one to try. But it’s still not quite as roomy as a mini van…

  4. That is so cool! You guys are so lucky you got to test it out! We love Ford vehicles! I have a Ford Explorer that I am going to have to retire soon :( I love that vehicle! It’s just too old now and has over 300 thousand kms on it! It’s taken me to and from Manitoulin Island, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and elsewhere so many times. So reliable. Love it!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Christine! We have a Ford Taurus that has been our family vehicle for years now, and we love it! It’s time for it to be moving on to a new home, but am I ever going to miss that car; it’s never let us down! :) My hubby would DIE for an Explorer! lol

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