Kids Can Play All Day with Best Flower Buds and Happy Nappers from Jay at Play

Looking for the hottest new spring toys for your precious princess or your bouncing boy? Jay at Play has you covered! The makers of the popular Totally KooKoo collectibles and the adorably sweet Little Miss Muffin dolls have two hot new toys for spring that kids are sure to love! Happy Nappers are plush animals that convert into pillows and Flower Bud Pals are pretty flower-themed dolls that convert into plush potted flowers! I received one of each toy to review and I couldn’t wait to check them out.

blue belle best flower budsI received the Blue Belle Best Flower Buds and she was as cute as could be. With a sparkly blue flower hat and sweet blue dress, she was the perfect choice for any doll-loving little girl. Blue Belle stood about five inches tall and by flipping her skirt inside out and tucking her body inside, she became a pretty potted flower.

I loved the converting feature and I know from experience how fascinating toys like this are to children. There’s something so appealing about seeing a toy go from one form to another! Best Flower Buds are available at or and with an approximate retail price of just $12.99, they’re a great way to give a special little girl a fun spring surprise without spending a fortune.

I also received the Happy Nappers Dragon toy. This one was an immediate hit with my boys! These fun plush pillows have the form of animals when you want to play with them but turn into the animal’s house (and a comfy pillow for little heads) when it’s time for him to “go home to bed!” To wake him up, just ring the doorbell and listen for his response! Then unzip his door, turn the pillow inside out and zip it up again to form the animal!

The dragon turns into a castle when folded inside out and both boys enjoyed switching the Happy Nappers toy from dragon to castle and back again. But as much fun as they had with that, I think their favourite feature was the hilarious roar that the dragon gave when they rang his doorbell or pressed on his back. It had both of them imitating the sound with plenty of giggling!

happy nappers dragonHappy Nappers come in six different designs and retail for a very reasonable price of $19.99, but Jay at Play is generously offering Mommy Kat and Kids readers a special price of just $14.99 by using the link in this review! And to make the deal even sweeter, use the exclusive coupon code SPECIAL4U to get free shipping on your order!

I loved the way that Jay at Play products gave kids two toys in one and the boys loved their dragon that changed into a pillow so much that I’m going to have to order another one just so that they don’t argue over the one they have! If you’re looking for a fun spring toy for your kids, check out the Best Flower Buds dolls and Happy Nappers pillow animals. Your children will fall in love with their new special friend from Jay at Play!
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