Let Your Kids Learn Indoors or Out with the SmartLab Toys Indoor/Outdoor Microscope

Now that spring has arrived, my boys are having a great time playing in the backyard and exploring the outdoors every chance they get. I believe that if kids have the right encouragement and equipment, playtime is the absolute best way for them to learn. So when I got to choose one of the fun science sets from SmartLab Toys, I was thrilled about the opportunity to combine fun and learning for my boys.

smartlab toys indoor outdoor microscopeI reviewed the clever 3D Puzzles from SmartLab Toys in the past so I already knew first-hand just how interactive and entertaining the products were. Since Zackary is older now and has a fascination with the world around him, I decided to review the Indoor/Outdoor Microscope this time.

This 40x microscope is perfect for a younger child. It can be used in the house with the included stand or outside with the handy neck strap. The microscope is designed to focus right at the end, so there’s no need to fiddle around to be able to see objects. Instead Zackary just had to rest the end of the microscope gently on the object he wanted to examine and press the button on the side to turn on the illuminating light.

The microscope came with a carrying case, tweezers, an eyedropper and two specimen jars so that when he wanted to, Zackary could collect specimens and use them to prepare slides for indoor viewing. With four prepared slides and three blank slides, Zackary had the freedom to examine anything that he found interesting. And best of all, the set came with a fabulous book called Up Close and Personal full of magnified pictures of some of the world’s smallest and most interesting objects!

Zackary loved his new microscope and he especially liked being able to use the included tweezers to pick up small objects he found interesting and place them in the specimen jar. He was a little young to have the patience for preparing slides so I handled that part for him. But once they were ready, he absolutely loved looking through the microscope to see what his specimens looked like! From a piece of foam to the crumb of a Rice Krispie, everything was interesting once it had been magnified!

smartlab toys indoor outdoor microscope boxSmartLab Toys has lots of other great science, art and puzzle sets to help kids learn as they play. And the company even has an incredibly cool Free Zone that has a variety of activity sheets for kids to download. From science experiments to trivia quizzes to art projects, there’s sure to be an activity that your child will love. In fact, I downloaded the Friendship Bracelet activity sheet for myself; I haven’t made one in years and I can’t resist the chance to give it a try again!

SmartLab Toys wants you to be able to try its award-winning kits and activities for yourself, so the company is very generously offering Mommy Kat and Kids readers 25% off their online orders! Just use coupon code BLOGDEAL0612. (Code expires June 30, 2012.) We had so much fun looking through the microscope and the whole family got involved with examining the magnified objects. From the cat’s hair to the writing on a piece of white paper to our own fingertips, seeing everyday objects close up was really interesting. If your kids love to learn and love to play, check out the fabulous art kids, science sets and puzzles from SmartLab Toys!

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  1. the bug playground is awesome! I think my son would love that! And we’ve been wanting to get a microscope sooo bad for our homeschool science experiments so the microscope yoiu’re giving away is really nice also!

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